4x4 Off Road Tracks, 0-250 km from Perth.

On this page we cover 4x4 off road tracks within a 250 km radius from Perth.

To get more information about a particular track, just click on the link and it will take you to a page with all the information you need about the track including advice on what to bring along.

Mundaring power line track.

The Toyota Land Cruiser at Mundaring power line track.

Distance from Perth: Just over 40 km east of Perth city centre on Great Eastern Highway.

4x4 off road track conditions and difficulty:
The track is mainly clay and rock which is rutted, steep, and can be very dangerous when wet.
If you have never been off road before DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS TRACK.

The track starts near Sawyers Tavern in Sawyer Valley, it's an actual power line track managed by Western Power but open to the 4WD community.

Mundaring power line track is not for the faint hearted, however you don't need a monster truck to survive the track. For every hardcore challenge there is a chicken track, but not all the chicken tracks are easy...

Mundaring Powerline track at night: 

4x4 at night at the Mundaring Powerline Track, Western Australia.

Distance from Perth: Just over 40 km east of Perth city centre on Great Eastern Highway.

4x4 off road driving along the Powerline track during the day is one thing but 4 wheel driving the same Powerline track at night is like 4WDing on a different planet! 

Even if you know the track like the back of your hand at night it will trick your senses...

Mundaring Weir and state forest:

Mundaring, Western Australia.

Distance from Perth: 40km
Nearest Fuel: Sawyers Valley
Size: 130000 hectares of state forest

It’s not all about the well-known powerline track running parallel to the great eastern highway. There is plenty to see and do in Mundaring state forest too!

There are gravel roads and easy tracks, and a few medium tracks/trails and hill climbs.

It's a perfect area for a nice day trip with the family or a trip with the boys. Throw in a few fire break tracks and some hill climbs and you have a recipe for fun...

Julimar State Forest.

Jeep Wrangler enjoying the never ending steep parts of the track at Julimar State Forest WA

The Jeep Wrangler enjoying some 4x4 off roading at Julimar State Forest.

Distance from Perth: About 90 km North East of Perth.

This location is ideal for a day trip or even half a day if you enjoy a drive in the bush and a couple of challenges...

For a more challenging track see Julimar State Forest Challenge.

Dwellingup, Lane Poole Reserve: 

Murray River flood planes. Western Australia.

Distance from Perth: 126 km.

The Murray River is an easy crossing in summer but can be a challenge during a wet winter.

For more information about the 54,000 hectare reserve and the 69 kilometer 4wd track that runs through it; follow the link….

Seabird to Guilderton.

Seabird Panorama.

Distance from Perth: approximately 100km north.

Follow Marmion Road and the new Indian Ocean Drive or Wanneroo Road out of Perth and you’ll find the turnoff to Seabird.

The 4x4 off road track along the coast from Seabird to Guilderton is an easy 4x4 off road track to explore. It starts from the southern edge of Seabird and ends at the lighthouse in Guilderton...



Aial photo from Wilbinga WA

Distance from Perth: Approximately 70km north via Wanneroo Rd

Wilbinga is full of nice beaches and lookouts, and it’s the closest area to Perth where you can go beach driving.

One of the best things about this area is, that although many people do venture to Wilbinga; most of the time you will have a section of the beach to yourself with no one else in sight...


Lancelin WA

Distance from Perth: 127 km north of Perth via Marmion Road / Indian Ocean Drive or Wanneroo Road.

Lancelin is a small fishing town which also attracts tourists but for us; it’s all about the dune driving! Population is 600 and in the holidays, it booms to well over 2000.

Short list of things to do:

4x4 off road, quad bike riding, dirt bike riding, surfing, kite surfing, spending the day at the beach, and sand boarding in the dunes...

Wedge Island To Grey.

Land Cruiser in Sand Dunes.

Toyota Land Cruiser in The Sand Dunes @ Wedge.

Distance from Perth: 165km North via Indian Ocean Drive

If you are looking for real adventure but only have a day or two; the track between Wedge Island and Grey is just the right track for you.

The track is 20+ km long and will take you over the sand dunes, onto the beach and on sand tracks...

The Pinnacles & Cervantes:

The Pinnacles, Western Australi

Distance from Perth: Cervantes 202km, The Pinnacles 194km

One of the most unique places you will see within 300km from Perth, placed in The Nambung National Park. The Pinnacles is a yellowish sandy desert filled with scattered limestone pinnacles. They look a little like honeycomb tree trunks!

It’s quite a bizarre sight best enjoyed around sunset for the ambience and vibrant colours. Worth a visit for sure!


Cervantes to Jurien Bay.

Hill River.

Distance from Perth: 205 km north to Cervantes via Indian Ocean Drive

The Cervantes to Jurien Bay track is 25 km+ and will take you over the sand dunes onto the beach and crossing the Hill River.

This track can be done in one day with an early start.

For track information and and GPS Waypoints...

Jurien Bay.

Jurien Bay Jetty.

Jurien Bay Jetty.

Distance from Perth: 225km north via Indian Ocean Drive

Jurien Bay is a small growing fishing town nestled in a picturesque bay north of Cervantes. The town thrives on crayfish and tourists.

There is accommodation to suit anyone's needs, from beach front apartments to caravan parks...


Collie, Wellington National Park.

Hill claiming at Collie, Wellington State Forrest

Distance from Perth: 185km via Forrest Hwy

Collie is the closest town to Wellington National Park, so when people mention the Lennard track they think of Collie and not Wellington National Park. The Wellington dam sits within this national park, and the Lennard track (which is 4WD and day use only) is in here too.

Outside of the Lennard track, you will find plenty more challenging tracks in the area. One of them is a fire break track not far from the end of the Lennard track. Parts of this fire break track are very fun and challenging.

The Wellington dam is also worth visiting if you’re in the area. It's a great place to take a few photos and stretch your legs for a while...

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