The 4x4 Hybrid
The Ultimate 4 Wheel Drive.

A 4x4 Hybrid is a Tourer combined with a Semi Hardcore setup. Very similar to an Advanced Touring 4x4.

This type of set up is for those who want the best of both worlds, a tuff terrain capable 4wd with plenty of cargo space and range.

This set up is the most expensive compared to the others as it involves a massive list of accessories which cost a fair bit once added up. The amount of weight added is more than most would imagine (This is unloaded, as in no camping gear etc.) this weight will take it's toll on fuel economy for the 4x4 Hybrid.

If the vehicle was using 12 Litres per 100km then expect it to drink about 14-16 Litres per 100km once complete.

A balanced Jeep Wrangler, setup for touring and the tougher trails.

A balanced Jeep Wrangler, set up for touring and the tougher trails.

Creating the Ultimate 4 Wheel Drive.

The ultimate 4x4 needs to be capable to reach remote areas and take on the toughest terrain.
To reach long distance places it will need long range fuel tanks, dual batteries to keep the fridge going and storage space for camping gear and plenty of water (50-100 litres 
maybe even more depending on the number of passengers).

A roof rack will be required as you more than likely will not have enough room for everything. Don't forget storage for tools and recovery gear as well.

This 4x4 Hybrid will also need bar work, bull bar, rock sliders and bash plates. Not necessary but handy to have would be a rear bar for added protection and to carry a Jerry can and possibly that sixth wheel.

Toyota Hilux on top of ridge.

Toyota Hilux on top of ridge.

Lift kits.

The above has already added loads of weight and this Ultimate 4x4 will need to be lifted as well, so a heavy duty suspension kit 2-4inch lift would be required to combat the extra weight and to add some much craved ground clearance. Add airbag suspension for height adjustment when loading it up for a trip or towing a camper trailer and that's the suspension taken care of.

Tyres & wheels.

Next - bigger tyres, somewhere in between 32inch to 35inch.

Anything under 32inch would be underdone for the hardcore part of the vehicle and anything over the 35inch would be overdone for the touring duties of the 4x4.

If using the bigger size wheels (33-35inch) for most 4wds regearing the diffs will be required, as the 4wd might then be underpowered and 1st gear low will move too fast off road. Installing new diff ratios will fix the problem.


Engine mods like performance chips, exhaust systems will help to move this heavy vehicle and turn those bigger wheels. The stock engines were made for turning stock sized rubber (tyres) and moving a much lighter vehicle mass.

While doing engine mods don’t forget the much important snorkel to enable deep water crossings and help keep the dust out of the engine.


A bit of spot lighting for touring high speeds. Flood lighting for tracks and those tricky sections the vehicle might/will encounter in the dark. The best way to equip the 4wd would be to use the bull bar for spot lights and the roof rack for flood lights as there will be more spread of light the higher they are.

Spot lights (light beam) work better at waist height and are far easier to adjust when closer to the ground.

79 Series Toyota Land Cruiser.

Traction aid.

Diff lockers would have to part of this vehicle otherwise it will not be an ultimate 4 wheel drive, both front and rear would be great but not necessary.

Just getting the rear or front done will go a long way to assist in traction.

Front locker vs. rear locker? This could be argued for a long time. click here for more detail.

Nissan Navara D40


The 4x4 Hybrid will need to be able to recover itself, a winch and front and rear recovery points is a must.

All the usual recovery gear (snatch strap, shackles, bridle, high lift jack and snatch block) and also a set of max tracks.

Camping mods.

Along with the fridge and inverter already installed, the roof rack makes a great home for an awning and possible for a roof top tent (if you don't already have a regular tent).

Extra lighting like a few LED bars or flood lights are excellent for camps at night, especially if setting up at night. There is nothing worse than trying to setup in the dark let alone just finding tent pegs and making sure you’re not placing the tent on top of a bull ant's nest.

With all these mods you will have one well kitted out 4 wheel drive, an ultimate 4x4 hybrid machine with all the goodies at arm’s reach.

This vehicle setup will go anywhere and there will be no terrain this vehicle won't conquer.

The only draw backs are the amount of money required and the extra weight which will add cost at the fuel stops.

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