Modified Nissan Navara D22. Modified Episode #8.

Ashley’s unique coloured Nissan Navara D22 is modified to suit his weekend warrior camping trips and carry his mountain bikes out to the trails in the bush, so Ashley is essentially combining two of his passions into one. Well three if you include the camping.

We watched Ashley’s Nissan Navara D22 take on some steep sand dunes and sand tracks along the coastal areas before the shoot and it handled very well putting the front auto locker to good use and showed how much a locker really gets your vehicle further when the conditions get tough.

Not only can it take on challengers and handle them well, it also looks tough with its extra wide stands. The D22 Navara’s already have nice wide flares but this one has extended flares to make room for its wide wheel track whilst still keeping the wheels within the guards.

Everything on the D22 is right down to Ash’s needs and requirements nothing more and nothing less, that said out of all the Nissan Navara D22’s I have come across this is the most modified one I have seen.

Nissan Navara D22, modified.

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Vehicles factory stats (NOTE* modded details below):

Make model:   2010 Nissan Navara D22 ST-R

Engine:  Y25, 2.5l turbo diesel                 

Drive train: 5 speed manual, Front auto locker (aftermarket)

Suspension: IFS & Leaf spring

Nissan Navara D22, in mud.
Nissan Navara D22, in mud.

Ashley’s mod list for his Nissan D22 Navara:


-RaceChip Pro 2 chip

-RaceChip response control unit

-3’ x-force exhaust

-Turbo-smart boost tee (19psi)

-2’ intercooler riser (to I/C to under bonnet shrouding post body lift)

-Oil Catch can (ProVent)

-Snorkel (genuine Nissan)

Electric upgrades:  

-Reverse camera & sensors

-Keyless entry & immobiliser

-Apexi turbo timer

-Boost gauge

-Aux fuse boxes under bonnet

-Switch panel for accessories

-Red Arc dual battery isolator

-1000watt pure sine wave inverter (mounted behind rear seat)

-ARB air compressor (mounted behind rear seat)


-50’ LED light bar on Bullseye product roof mounts

-4x 6’ rear LED work lights

-additional interior light.

Comms & GPS: 

-GME TX3100 80 Channel UHF

-GME 1040mm spring mounted antenna

-GME 300mm antenna for FM


Suspension and tyres: 

-3” Snake Racing X-flex kit

X-flex torsions bars

Upper control arms

Idler arm brace

Heavy duty steering rack ends

X-flex greasable extended shackles

Tough Dog foam cell shocks

Dobinson leaf springs

Front and rear braided brake lines

-Heavy duty tie rods

-2” body lift

-Tough Dog steering stabiliser

-American racing Baja wheels 15x8 -19

-33x12.5” Achilles XMT muddies

Bar work and exterior mods: 

-Standard alloy bulbar sandblasted, powder coated and mounts modified for 2’ body lift

-Sports bar powder coated gloss black

-Custom build side steps and rear bar with infill panel

Side steps and rear bar sprayed in UPOL ‘Raptor liner’

-Genuine Nisan roof rails

-Rhino steel mesh flat roof rack

-3 piece underbody protection

-65mm flexy flares.

Back of the wagon: 

-UPOL ‘Raptor liner’ spray in over-lip tub liner.

Recovery gear: 

-2x front Roadsafe recovery points

-Reese hitch recovery point

-All recovery gear portable

-High lift jack and shovel attached on roof rack.

Additional stuff:

-Front auto Lokka

-Diff breathers

-Full satin black Plastidip

-TJM canvas seat covers.

Nissan Navara D22.
Nissan Navara D22
Nissan Navara D22
Nissan Navara D22
Nissan Navara D22
Nissan Navara D22 in the bush.
Nissan Navara D22
Nissan Navara D22
Nissan Navara D22
Nissan Navara D22 fully loaded.
Nissan Navara D22, modified.
Nissan Navara D22
Bash plates on a Nissan Navara D22.
Nissan Navara D22, modified.
Nissan Navara D22, modified.
Nissan Navara D22, modified.
Nissan Navara D22, modified.
Nissan Navara D22, modified.
Nissan Navara D22, modified.
Nissan Navara D22, modified.

Ashley’s top 3 trips in the Nissan Navara D22:



Anywhere from Two rocks to Wedge

Unstoppable moment in the Nissan Navara 4x4:

Haven’t given it too much of a hard time other than in the dunes, but now that the Lokka is in… I’ll wait and see.

I prefer coast driving as opposed to mud and rocks, and with a light weight vehicle on 33’s, she loves it!

Most scary situation in the D22 Navara:

The time I was bogged on the beach up in Lancelin with the tide coming in.

I was lucky to finally get in contact with a young local who had to snatch and drag me for about 400m down the beach as I couldn’t get back onto the higher side of the beach.

I honestly though I would lose my car to the ocean that day.


Ashley's modification tips:

Because the D22, especially the YD25 are not the most powerful motor on the market, I would highly advise to have it chipped, 3’ exhaust & EGR blocked. The additional flow is remarkable, and youll never be able to drive a stock d22 again.

Video of the Navara D22 modification.

Top 3 tips with Nissan Navara D22:

Nissan Navara D22

1.       Have the EGR blocked. It will slightly decrease spool time, reduce the crazy amount of smoke the d22 are renown for and protect your motor from carbon build up in inlet manifold. 

2.       Get heavy duty tie rods as soon as you lift and run big wheels, before you end up bending them out bush and get yourself into strife

3.       A bit of silicon spray or grease on the steering stops helps to alleviate the crunching sound on full lock. It’s no permanent fix, but if done each 5,000km service, it will help

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