4 Wheeling  Australia.

Chasing some 4x4 adventure? You’re in the right place! Welcome to 4 Wheeling Australia.

We’re based out of Perth, Western Australia. But if you hail from somewhere else that’s fine. Whether you’re here or there, beginner or experienced; we reckon you’ll find plenty of value.

Toyota 79 Series Land Cruiser.

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The Latest 4X4 News

First of all, you don’t want to miss anything do you? The 4WD world moves fast; there’s plenty of new gear and trends to see! Keep up to date with everything happening in the 4WD world, see all our latest videos AND be part of monthly giveaways! JOIN OUR NEWSLETTER.


Where to camp around Perth.

If you are looking for places to camp in Western Australia, why not start with our YouTube channel? Over 100 adventures filmed since we began in 2012 should be more than enough to get you inspired. We have covered Weekend Trips Close To Perth, Bigger Trips For Long Weekends and Epic Trips Further Afield Many of which have trip notes and waypoints right here on the website.


Ronny Dahl Camping at the river.

4WD Tag Along Tours.

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Want to join us on an adventure, see the outback, beautiful coastal locations, tough bush tracks,

travel with other like-minded people?

Then see our 4wd Tag-along Tour pages, we cater for beginners and experienced 4 wheel drivers, we love to help and share our knowledge with other people.

Our Tag tours are run by Ronny, Steward, Wayne and Brian. All well experienced in 4 Wheeling and Camping. 

4WD Tag Along Tour.
Tag-along tour with https://www.4-wheeling-in-western-australia.com/

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4WD Tips for beginners and advanced.

4wd Tips

If you’ve just bought your first four-wheel drive, knowing where to start can be difficult. Or if you’ve been into four-wheel drives for a while, it can seem like there’s nothing left to learn! With 4 Wheeling Australia you can pick up the basics from HOW TO DRIVE ON SAND to CONQUERING ROCKS. If you’re ready to dive even deeper, we have ADVANCED RECOVERY TECHNIQUES and all of it covered extensively on the YouTube Channel

Plenty of tips on recovering vehicles the correct way. Remember safety always comes first when driving, especially off road.

The BEST 4x4 Modifications.

79 Series Land Cruiser, water crossing.

Sooner or later the idea of modifications will cross your mind, and as some reading this will know, those ideas never cease! Often the best ideas come through inspiration from other people’s vehicles and WOW do we have some inspiration for you! CHECK OUT THE MODIFIED SERIES on YouTube. If you need more specifics, like how to choose the right modifications for you; we’ve got stacks of information for BASIC 4X4 MODS , TOURING 4X4 MODS or HARDCORE 4WD MODS

Which 4WD and Camping Gear Should I Buy?

Toyota Hilux.

Whether you are just starting in this hobby or looking to upgrade some gear, it can get VERY expensive! That’s why we’ve done a lot of the testing and research for you. Need a new swag? You’ll find reviews on the YouTube Channel. Want to build up your 4X4? We’ve got a WHOLE VEHICLE built and tested JUST to help you choose the best gear. SEE THE HILUX CONCEPT

We look forward to seeing you around.

There’s a lot of information here! If you ever get lost, just use the site map. And don’t be afraid to reach out on social media. Just look up 4 Wheeling Australia


SS Auto Repairs.

Don't forget safety comes first, see our 4 Wheeling Safety Tips.

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