Stories From The Australian Bush: 

Spending time in the remote areas of Western Australia and even just in the Australian bush or along the beautiful coastlines you can come across some very interesting stuff, and sometimes you can get yourself into some very interesting situations, which make for interesting stories. 

These situations vary a lot and can be down-right frightening or plain old fun to bad decisions.

On this webpage we will share with your our "stories from the beach and the bush", these are stories about all kinds of different events and situations which only made a brief mention in our trip reports or even not mentioned at all.

Some of these stories we wouldn't have documented at all (due to emotional attachment or embarrassment) but after time the people involved have moved on and are okay with the stories being shared.

Do you have a story you’d like to share? Then contact us to share your bush story.

Australian Bush Stories:

Cruiser hand-brake fails at Lucky Bay:

Lesson learnt the scary way… never again.

See the story here.

4 Wheel drivers lining up at Lucky Bay, Western Australia.

The southern Auroras & The journey of the lost mountain bike:

A rare phenomenon, the silly moment and a happy ending. See More.

The Southern Auroras.

More stories to come.

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