Mundaring power line track.

Mundaring power line track is not for the faint hearted, however you don't need a monster truck to survive the track. For every hardcore challenge there is a chicken track, but not all the chicken tracks are that easy.

Distance from Perth: 40km east of Perth, along Great Eastern HWY.
Nearest fuel: Sawyers Valley 1km.

Size: Track length 24km
Time to allow: perfect for a day trip.

The Power Line Track.

The track starts near Sawyers Tavern in Sawyer Valley, it's an actual power line track managed by Western Power but open to the 4WD community.

The track will take a good 5-6 hours to complete from end to end including stopping for a few breaks and taking time watching your mates tackle parts of the track.

You don't have to do the whole track as there are a few roads and tracks that cut through the power line track so you could make an early exit if time is running out.

It's best to travel with at least one other vehicle as recovery is not uncommon, especially if your tackling the harder parts of the tracks, even a tame looking chicken track can get you hang up on opposing wheels and without diff lockers your pretty much stuck and will need to be winched or snatched forward or back.

I have seen panel damage done on the harder parts of this track and just recently my rockslider saved my Hilux from panel damage as I slid into the side of a rutted out part of the track.

Toyota wheel lift at the Mundaring Powerline Track. Western Australia.

Climbing With Diff Lockers.

Nissan Navara on the Mundaring Powerline Track. Western Australia.
Climbing With Diff Locker
Mundaring powerline Track. Western Australia.
Toyota 79 Series on the Mundaring Power line track. Western Australia.
Toyota 79 series Land Cruiser on the Mundaring power line track. Western Australia.

If you have diff lockers this track is a must do, as you will use them more than you could imagine. I have done this track with and without diff lockers and had loads of fun without them and four times as much fun with them.

Mundaring power line track really underlines the difference in traction with locker and without.

Action only video clips from just some of our visits to the track.

Gnarly Hill At Mundaring.

A 30 meter section of this track I have named Gnarly Hill, as i don't think it has a name.

This extremely fun and challenging part of the track can only really be conquered if you have diff lockers or a monster truck, unless you really like hopping, skidding and getting panel damage.

Gnarly Hill at Mundaring

Gnarly Hill.

Hillclimb at Mundaring Power Line Track

Climbing Gnarly Hill at Mundaring.

Track conditions and difficulty.

Medium can be Extreme in the wet depending on which level of track you choose.

The track is mainly clay and rock which is rutted, steep, and can be very dangerous when wet.

If you have never been off road before DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS TRACK.

You will require low range gear for almost the entire track.

Recommended PSI is 22 or lower, this will help you maintain grip and prevent punctures as there are a lot of jagged rocks along the track.

Mud terrain tyres are best for this track, especially if it's wet.

Track conditions at Mundaring.

Track conditions.

Things to do.

Conquer and Survive the track

Test your 4wd to the limits

Enjoy an action packed day 4wding

What to bring.

Air compressor, shovel, sunscreen, bush hat, plenty of water, rated recovery gear & tools.

Make sure your tyres are up to the scratch. If not, a site like Auto Hero can help sort you out with a new set.

Best time to go.

All year round.

Keep in mind it does get very hot in summer.

Mundaring power line track.

GPS Waypoints.

For information about How to enter the GPS Way-points into Google Earth see this video.

For information about How to enter the GPS Way-points into Google Earth

see this video.

Sawyers Valley Tavern: On the corner of Great Eastern HWY and Leather Green Rd



Start of Power Line Track:



End of Power Line Track: West Talbot Rd



Gnarly Hill.



Exit: Corner of Great Southern HWY & West Talbot Rd



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