Nissan Navara 4x4, D22, Modified.

The second Nissan Navara 4x4 on modified, this time however we have one that’s kitted up for touring/expeditions and as a bonus we do a quick review of the camper trailer. Yep Nathan brought along both the Navara D22 and his MCD camper trailer.

The main event when it comes to mods is the rear canopy but as an entire build this is the most kitted Nissan Navara D22 I’ve seen to date.

Nissan Navara D22, modified.

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Vehicles specs (NOTE* modded details below):

Make model:  Nissan Navara D22 – Outlaw Edition

Engine:   2.5l yd25

Drive train:   Manual 4x4

Suspension: IFS front & solid rear axle on leaf suspension

Nathan’s mod list for this Nissan Navara 4x4:


4" stainless snorkel

3" side exit exhaust

Egr block

Upgraded aluminium radiator

Boost and egt gauges

Heavy Duty Clutch

Electric upgrades:  

Duel battery system


12v system in the canopy


Roof mounted light bar

Rear facing work lights

Rear facing reverse lights

Side lights

Illuminator spot lights

Canopy lights

Comms & GPS: 

Oricom uhf

Suspension and tyres:

2" tough dog lift kit

Snake racing uca's

Extended brake lines

Repacked leaf springs

33" cooper ST on 16" -12 sunnys

Bar work and exterior mods:

Sliders and scrubs

Stock Bullbar

12000 pound Winch

Custom roof racks

Roof top tent

Nissan Navara D22 – Outlaw Edition, set up for camping.

Back of the ute: 

Custom tray setup

Draws – including a pull out work bench/ prep area

Fridge slide

12v system

Canopy Lights


Recovery gear: 



Straps etc

What is the vehicle mainly setup for:

Setup for touring – For quick easy Weekenders away and the longer trips exploring


Nissan Navara D22 on the black top.
Nissan Navara D22 on the bush track.

Nathan’s top 3 trips in the vehicle:

 2 week trip up and down the turquoise coast with my girlfriend Claire The highlight Francois Peron National Park and Coral Bay

3 week trip down and around the south coast of WA  to Bilbunya dunes with the Westausbushpigs4x4 crew

Boys Long weekend on the Holland track. Great scenery, varying countryside and challenges along the way.

Unstoppable moment in the Nissan Navara 4x4:

Towing our 1 tonne camper trailer plus a loaded up rig through the Francois Peron National Park track right after holiday season.

The track was choppy and soft as ever we only just got through, foot flat to the floor.

My Navara D22 got us to the camp site without getting stuck or having to stop once and we got the camper set up with seconds to spare of a storm hitting.

MCD camper trailer.

Most scary situation in the Nissan Navara D22:

Powerlines track trip with a sunken Navara where the puddle was deeper then expected. Water coming in the sides – lucky my mate jumped to action and was prepared to get neck deep in water to hook up a snatch strap to start the recovery.

Nathan's modification tips:

Think about what order you do your mods in for the D22 carefully as a few have been harder to install than others, requiring a lot of extra parts to come off again or un-necessarily!

Things to lookout for with this model Navara D22:

Look out for the more reliable yd25 engine instead of the zd30

Top 3 tips with the Nissan Navara D22:

1.      Plan your mods wisely as I've redone the suspension setup 3 times till I got it right as each time I modified something meant I had to redo the suspension to suit.

2.   Don’t overdo the engine mods it’s not all about the big power. At the end of the day its only a 2.5ltr

3.       When installing the exhaust allow a lot more time then you think. I've seen so many ''how to posts'' and most include removing the turbo. It was a 1.5 day job to do mine.

Bushpigs 4x4
Nissan Navara D22, modified.
Nissan Navara D22, modified.
Nissan Navara D22, modified.
Nissan Navara D22, modified.
Nissan Navara D22, modified.
Nissan Navara D22, modified.
Nissan Navara D22, modified.
Nissan Navara D22, modified.
Nissan Navara D22, modified.
Nissan Navara D22, modified.
Nissan Navara D22, modified.
Nissan Navara D22, modified.
Nissan Navara D22, modified.
Nissan Navara D22, modified.
Nissan Navara D22, modified, on the beach.
Nissan Navara D22, modified, on the beach.

The Modified Video.

Thanks to the following people for helping with my:

All my canvas work: Nathan Beardman from PM Canvas

Bar work, tray build and all other fab needs Bmk Customs

The fellow bushpigs for always knowing how to have a good time and putting the mods to the test West Aus Bushpigs 4x4

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