Modified LandCruiser Troopy,
Modified Episode 14

Finally, we got a LandCruiser Troopy on modified thanks to Ante and this is not just a troopy.

This is a tough 4x4 camper, which will go to most places you could think of and completely on its own.

This Troopy has a front and rear winch, front and rear lockers plus everything you need including the kitchen sink! Yep it has a kitchen sink.

It also has the complete camp setup so no need for a camper trailer. 

LandCruiser Troopy

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Ante’s genius and well thought out 4x4 camper troopy just takes minutes to set up.

Imagine that, pulling up anywhere and being able to set up camp during day or night in just minutes without much fuss but at the same time having a good strong reliable LandCruiser capable of carrying all that without being over the top heavy!

Ante just came back from a 6 months trip around Western Australia and completed the trip in the Toyota Troopcarrier flawlessly without any problems thanks to the ever reliable 4.2 Turbo Diesel Landcruiser.

There are many mods on this Troopy and that is without even looking at the 4x4 camper mods. If you don’t get any ideas from this Landcruiser Troopy, I don’t know what will.

If you are looking to build a 4x4 camper LandCruiser Troopy, tough enough for almost any track this is the one and this is one of my most favourite Modified vehicles so far…

Vehicles factory stats (NOTE* modded details below):

Make model:   Toyota Landcruiser Troop carrier HDJ78R

Engine:  1HD-FTE 4.2L Factory Turbo Diesel

Drive train:  Standard with factory lockers

Suspension: GVM Upgrade to 3.8T with Bilstein Shocks and Dobinson leafs/coils

Toyota LandCruiser Troopy.

Ante’s mod list for his LandCruiser Troopy:


3” exhaust

Electric upgrades:  

240V and 1000W inverter, dual batteries, LED interior lights and outdoor LED strip


225W LED spotlights

Comms & GPS: 

Samsung TAB with Ozi Explorer, UHF with 6dB aerial,

Suspension and tyres: 

Dobinson leafs/coils with Bilstein shocks and a GVM upgrade to 3.8T, 33” Toyo M/T on stock 100 series rims

Bar work and exterior mods: 

260L fuel (long-range tank), 50L water tank with inline electric pump, ARB front bulbar with Smitybuilt 10K winch, all barwork including sliders, scrub bars, rear bar (with 9K Premier winch) built by XLR8 Fabrications, custom sliding rack

Back of the wagon: 

Custom rear bar with winch, dual wheel carrier, Maxtraks custom holder on rear door, dual MSA bin bags, High lift jack

Recovery gear: 

Front winch (Smitybuilt 10K with dynema) and ARB recovery hooks, Rear winch (9K Premier with dynema) custom built rear recovery points and reece hitch, ARB premier recovery kit.

The Toyota Landcruiser Troopy on the beach.
The Toyota Landcruiser Troopy on a salt lake.

Ante’s top 3 trips in the Land cruiser Troopy:

Down south - Denmark/Albany/Calcup/Black point

Steep point to Exmouth

Karijini National Park

Toyota LandCruiser Troopy.
Toyota LandCruiser Troopy.
Toyota LandCruiser Troopy.
Toyota LandCruiser Troopy.
Toyota LandCruiser Troopy.
The Troopy in the outback.
Camping with the the Toyota Landcruiser troopy.
The Troopy fully loaded.
The Toyota Landcruiser Troopy outback camp.

Unstoppable moment in the Land Cruiser Troopy:

8mths around WA and not a single problem.


Most scary situation in the Land Cruiser Troopy:

Down south in winter on a chopped/washed out boggy beach on split rims.

Ante's modification Top 3 tips with Landcruiser Troopy HDJ78R):

1.       Lockers, lockers and lockers 

2.       Front winch (rear if you can fit one)

3.       2” lift with 33” is more than ample lift 

Video Of The Modified Troopy.


XLR8 Fabrications – for all their hard work in getting the barwork done;

Hayden from Custom Car and Boat Electrics for all the electrical work on the Troopy

Jason from JD Automotive Repairs & Detailing for helping me with mechanical maintenance and letting me use his workshop;

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