Jeep Rubicon JK, Modified.

This is the most modified Jeep Rubicon I’ve seen to date that is street legal and it drives like a dream. Many things have been tested beyond its limits and broken.

New and stronger parts have since replaced the old and some broken again until this Jeep is in its current state now.

Jeep JK Rubicon, modified.

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Craig (aka CB) has put a lot of time into this build and it’s not just a rock hopper it’s a full kitted tourer in a short wheel base Jeep Rubicon!

Very impressive to say the least…

CB shares a lot of knowledge with building this Jeep and a lot of clever ideas to pack so much into a little big vehicle.

Jeep Rubicon JK

Vehicles Specs (NOTE* Mod details below): 

Make model:  Rubicon 2 Door

Engine:      3.8 V6  

Drive train:   6 Speed Manual

Suspension:  Solid axle 5 link coils front and rear

Craig’s mod list for his Jeep Rubicon JK: 

Jeep JK Rubicon, modified.


·          3.8L V6 Rodded hand built billet honed out  to 4.0L

·         Supercharged Air to water Plazman intercooled;

·         300+Kw 700+Nm  @2500-4000rpm

·         3.5’ intake, airaid air cleaner, snorkel


Electric upgrades:   

·         LED replaced everything that was OE inside and out

·         Optima yellow top 120ahr 2nd battery

·         projector isolator BC-DC charger



·         LED replaced everything that was OE inside and out

·        Aroura 9” Spotties bull bar

·         Ridgid industries 50” combined light bar roof

·         Ridgid industries 2x dually camp/reverse lights rear

·        JW Speaker 7” round replacement headlights

·        ditto tail lights and fog lights

Jeep JK Rubicon, modified.

Comms & GPS:  

·         GME hidden in dash UHF

·         GME 2x Hand helds

·         ImmerSat Phone

·         Eperb spot

·         Ipad Hema Maps



Suspension and tyres: 

·         Allterrain; KMC Rock monster 20x10 black alloys

·         Micky Thomson ATZ 37x12.5 LT20 tyres

·        Mud terrain; Procomp 17x 8.5 black alloys with Procomp Extreme mud Terrain 37x12.5LT 17 tyres

·        Dynatrac Dana 60 axle housings front rear

·        RCV chomemolly axles front rear, RCV CV’s front

·        ARB locker rear

·        Jeep E’locker front 

·         Metalclaock game changer control arms duraflex bushes & drop sway bar connects

·         Synergy panard rods, drag link, tye rod.

·         King Springs duel rate 3” lift coils

·         ARB Old Man emu BP-51 remote rest Shocks

·         Teraflex Air bump 3’ hydraulic bump stops front rear

          AEV geometry correction kit;  drop boxes, high steer correction kit and rear     panard rod tower.

·         Currie Alloy anti-rock sway bar front

·         Teraflex 3” lifted high steer knuckles front

·         Tom Woods custom double carden drive shafts 1350 Spicer/Eaton uni joints

·         Teraflex transfer case 2WD Low range option conversion.

·         Willwood brake upgrade 4 pot calipers extended braided lines

Bar work and exterior mods:  


Stubby front bar warn 9500 low mount winch, high lift jack points, 2 recovery points

 Rear bar Incorp;  tyre carrier, 20 l water tanks, tow hitch, rock sliders, high lift jack mount, rear brake light, CB aerial, long handle shovel holder, sand flag, tyre rack, Maxtrax holder, jerry tank 40ltrs, detergent dispenser, turtle 2 bike rack, 2 recovery  points

Aux fuel tank 55L Brown Davis ( all up capacity 160L)

Custom side step inc high lift jack points

Flat urethane fenders

AEV steel bonnet with cooling vents, carbon wrap power bulge

Stainless/billet aftermarket every thing

Carbon wrap grill, stainless mesh radiator guard

Ridgid Industries light bar mount.

Hard top with adapted full length GU wagon Rhino Pioneer alloy  platform,

2 arb awnings(LED strip lights) ARB Simpson roof top tent all above with custom black truck vinyl covers custom zip less fastening/closing system

Jeep JK Rubicon, modified.
Jeep JK Rubicon, modified.
Jeep JK Rubicon, modified.
Jeep JK Rubicon, modified.
Jeep JK Rubicon, modified.
Jeep JK Rubicon, modified.
Jeep JK Rubicon, modified.
Jeep JK Rubicon, modified.
Jeep JK Rubicon, modified.
Jeep JK Rubicon, modified.
Jeep JK Rubicon, modified.
Jeep JK Rubicon, modified.
Jeep JK Rubicon, modified.
Jeep JK Rubicon, modified.
Jeep JK Rubicon, modified.

Back of the wagon:  

·         Black Widow draws & cargo barrier

·         MSA drop slide

·         MSA fridge cage

·         ARB 60Ltr fridge

·         Large fire ext

·         First aid kit

·         Storage tubs

·         Roll cage

·         Isolated roof (hard top)

·         LED internal lighting

Recovery gear:  

·         Aussie Ground anchor under drivers seat

·         High lift jack rear tyre carrier

·         ARB recover kit

·         30 m extra dynema rope

·         Bubba snatchem rope

·         Bubba soft shackes

·         HD Jumper leads

·         Lithium Jumper start battery pack

·         Various ratchet staps

·         Fencing wire + cable

·         Drag chain/10 snowpeack cabon steel forged tent pegs/stakes

·         Long Handle Shovel, pick mattock, axe, chainsaw,

·         Maxx trax

·         Metal cloack Stainless steel shackles

·         Tyre Deflators

·         Tyre repair kit ARB

·         ARB air compressor

Craig's top 3 trips in the Jeep Rubicon.

1.Tassie West Coast Pieman River North head via Sandy cape American river before it got closed.

2. Great Australian Bite via coast and Cliffs esp Twilight Cove and Bilbunya dunes and Esperance area

3. Madigan line Nth Simson desert into NT.

Unstoppable moment in the Jeep Rubicon:  

Anything sand, high speed rocks follow me if you can and at your peril ??


Most scary situation in the Rubicon: 

Jeep Jamboree 2017;  

The big Step up on the “Commando Track” Coffs harbour Ruby wheel standed (discovered later rear shockers were toast) and just at this point of tipping over backwards (love the shorty) exploded my OE tail shaft uni.

Craig's modification tips:  

Focus first on Tyres, then suspension especially install hydraulic bump stops; they change your life!!!

Things to lookout for with the Jeep JK Rubicon: 

Made in USA so everything ... if it were made in Japan then it  should be made from hardened steel, instead Jeeps are made from mild steel including engines and they don’t care to paint stuff underneath.

Top 3 tips.

1. Keep your build low COG;  its all about up travel.

2.   Replace everything cause it’s going to break anyway.  

3.    Try to  Avoid the “Jeep Rage” that comes from Toyota drivers when you always run circles around them and creates embarrassment moments both on and off road.


The Modified Video.

Thanks to the following people for helping with my build: 

Bartlett Earthmovers (Family business) esp my Pop who is a legion re fabrication n mechanical advice even if he does drive a LC76

My missus Andy who loves to share the outdoors

Alan & Karen  at Jeep Konnection Melb

Dave;  Taylors Precision Engines Seaford Melb

Alltrac 4WD Adelaide for their workshop time and expertise.

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