Modified GU Patrol Wagon, Modified Episode 7

Jack’s GU Patrol wagon has pretty much everything you could want, everything from front to back has something added or improved. 

Jack joined us on an off-road trip taking on some challenging hills and tough terrain and it reminded us how much the Nissan GU Patrol wagon really has it over most other 4 wheel drives when it comes to wheel travel thanks to its 4 coiled suspension setup. But this GU also has front and rear diff lockers making it near unstoppable.

With the remote touring in mind, Jack even has a HF radio for extreme radio range which is something you really need for those remote outback trips.

For more in-depth details see the video below & Jack’s mod list with some tips on modifying a 3.0 GU Patrol.


GU Patrol Wagon.

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Vehicles factory stats (NOTE* modded details below):

Make model:     Nissan Patrol GU6

Engine:              Zd30 CRD

Drive train:        Part time 4wd

Suspension:      Coils and solid axles

Jack’s mod list for his GU Patrol Wagon:


 2.75" exhaust, Chip it dominator mk1

Drive train:

Diff lockers - Front and rear ARB air lockers

Electric upgrades:  

Dual battery with rear distribution board


42" double row lightbar & front mounted spot lights 35watt halogen Lightforce 240s.

Comms & GPS: 

Uniden uhf, Barret 550 hf, iPhone with booster aerial

Suspension and tyres: 

2" Amada remote red shocks and king springs, 33" Maxxis bighorns x6

Bar work and exterior mods: 

Nissan steel winch bar, Scrub bars and sliders, Dual rear wheel carrier

Back of the wagon: 

Drawers with Fridge slide, Cargo barrier, on the long trips a 60l fridge & just an Esky for the short trips.

Interior mods:

Overhead console with Nissan trim, switches, winch isolation switch & Isolator, scan gauge and Pillar pods with Boost and EGTs.

Recovery gear: 

12,000lb Winch with rope, Maxtrax & High lift Jack

GU Patrol Wagon.

Jacks top 3 trips in the GU


Nannup, Pemberton, D'entrecasteux.


Unstoppable moment in the Wagon:

Tackling those steep slippery hills in Nannup in the wet.

GU Patrol Wagon in mud.
GU Patrol Wagon.
GU Patrol Wagon.
GU Patrol Wagon
GU Patrol Wagon.
GU Patrol Wagon

Most scary situation in the GU Patrol Wagon:

Getting half way up a track in Nannup with the roof top tent on and slipping into a rut while trying to reverse back down.

I would have rolled the vehicle if it weren't for making my wife stand off the side. The weight didn't make a difference but her face when I put my seat-belt on was enough to tell me I’d better get the patrol down safely!

I still haven’t heard the end of it :)


Jack's modification tips:

Like with any turbo diesels, but especially with a zd30 make sure you fit as much engine protection as possible.

Things like EGT and boost gauges tell you what's happening before its a catastrophic failure.

Catch cans and EGR blanks can be useful to for keeping everything clean.

The Video Of Jack's Patrol.

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