Land Rover Defender 90, Modified Episode #13.

This is the first Land Rover featured in Modified and it’s the first Land Rover Defender 90 I have had a chance to check out (I have seen plenty of Defender 110’s but not a 90). 

It is very surprising how much room there actually is in the back considering the size of the Defender 90 however it’s still not enough room for a long trip with the family so they also have a camper trailer which makes up for any lack of storage space.

This Land Rover in particular is all the way from England and might be the only TD5 XS with the 4 seats in the back as a standard option which is half the reason Mark decided to ship it down-under.

Land Rover Defender 90 going into a container.

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Marks LR 90 was kitted to the United Kingdom style of 4x4ing but has now been modded with Australian conditions in mind with plenty of accessories and DIY mods.

See below for the full run down.

Vehicles factory stats (NOTE* modified details below):

Make model:     LR90 TD5 XS imported with us from the UK. The XS was the luxury model if any defender can be called 'Luxury'.

Engine:              2.5 5cylinder Turbo Diesel                  

Drive train:        Permanent 4wd with lockable centre diff lock       

Suspension:     Live axle on coils with rear A frame


Mark’s mod list for his TD5 Defender 90:

TD5 Defender 90


Upgraded Allisport Intercooler, TD5inside stage 3 PCM remap, Boost box and turbo boost increase to 22psi. 30% bigger PWR radiator, Silicon intake pipework, monitored by Engine Guardian for head/gearbox temps, EGT, Rev Counter and Boost gauges

Electric upgrades:  

Dual battery ArkPak fitted to the rear with Dual Battery shut off, Mulgo centre box to relocate under seat electrics increasing wading depth


Trucklite 7" headlight upgrade, LED light bar, LED lights on all front and rear lights.

Comms & GPS: 

Parrot Asteroid 7" Android stereo in custom centre dash running Google maps, Hema 6 as backup, Oricom 80channel 2 way.

Suspension and tyres: 

2" Bilstein Lift, High articulation A-frame, poly Bushed throughout. QT front HD caster correction arms,

Kuhmo AT's, as it spends more time on the black stuff than in the mud. Bearmach rear corrected arms. Front and rear sway bars refitted for touring.


Slick shift gear lever, Transfer box oil pan increased and cooled, Gearbox external oil cooler fitted behind front winch.

Bar work and exterior mods: 

Front custom Bar running DRL's, 9.5 Goodwinch winch running Dyneema, KBX grill and light surrounds, Rear NAS rear step with Reece Hitch, Mantec rear wheel carrier, Patriot 2m roof rack, Mantec raised air intake (snorkels are fitted on submarines!) Custom steering guard, front and rear diff guards, Terrafirma rock and tree sliders.

Back of the wagon: 

Standard with 1 jump seat removed to allow Arkpak.

Recovery gear: 

Maxtrax, Shovel, Slime compressor, Snatch straps, Bubba rope, drag chains, Hi-Lift jack, and ARB snatch block. 


Mark's top 3 trips in the Land Rover Defender 90:

On tour in the Land Rover Defender 90.

Monkey Mia,

Southern Cross and the Goldfields

Albany on the Anzac Centenary. 

Unstoppable moment in the Defender 90:

This was in an Army 90 and the main reason I own one.

Bosnia 1996 I was stationed in  the mountains carrying out snow and ice clearance patrols enabling refugees safe passage, I towed a 7.5t truck carrying 30 people out of a ditch and over the top of the mountain without it breaking a sweat, no mud tyres, no diff locks, no huge lift.

The Defender is without doubt the most capable 4wd off the showroom floor. 


Most scary situation in the Land Rover Defender 90:

Land Rover Defender 90, nearly rolling.

Nearly rolling her at Waroona Dam, it took two blokes standing on the side and a winch to stop her going over.

Land Rover's in convoy.
Defender with camper trailer.
Camping with the Land Rover Defender 90.
The Land Rover Defender 90
Land Rover Defender in the sand dunes.
Land Rover Defender 90

Mark's modification tips:

Keep it simple (the TD5 is remarkably strong and relatively simple to work on with just a basic knowledge of electronics and a hand scanner),

Use quality parts

Preventative maintenance is cheaper than reactive maintenance.

Don't rely on your factory temp gauge (I worked as a breakdown mechanic long enough to see factory gauges are useless)


Top 3 tips with the Land Rover Defender 90 by Mark:

1.  Keep up with transmission maintenance, get underneath, grease props, ball joints etc., it saves money in the long run.     

2.  Don't get carried away with huge lifts, a Defender doesn't need it.     

3. Lastly make sure you wave at other Defenders, it’s a unique vehicle, drive one for an hour and you'll hate it, drive it for a day and you'll never want anything else. It really does get under your skin.  

The Modification Video.


TeamW4  the only unique Land Rover club in WA, thanks to all the knowledge and comradery from fellow fanatics.

lifestyle4wd Thanks to Steve armour for the help and supporting the club.  Again for the huge support and discounts given to the club.


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