Awesome Beaches. 

Awesome Beaches in the Bremer Bay area:

Visited by 4-Wheeling-in-Western-Australia

Bremer Beach
Blossoms Beach
4WD Little Boat Harbor Beach
Back Beach
Whale Bone Point/Horse Beach
Peppermint Beach
Dillon Beach North and South
Stream Beach
Reef Beach

3 Top beaches in the Bremer Bay area:


#1 Stream Beach (like a private beach surrounded by mountains and it has a fresh water stream perfect for smaller kids to play in!)
#2 Reef Beach (sand dunes meet the ocean, really amazing sight to see!)
#3 Horse Beach (almost completely protected from the swell and winds. Has pure white sands and turquoise waters)

Bremer Bay Awesome  Beaches: All within 10km

Bremer Beach.

Bremer Beach is part of the town itself. The beach is kilometers long (the beach takes up nearly a quarter of the Bay). Very hard packed

at the entrance and for the first 200 m (so hard even a 2wd could drive on it), after that it gets soft like any other beach.

At the entrance of Bremer Beach the ocean is to the south and the estuary is to the north.

Bremer Beach, Western Australia.

Bremer Beach. 

Blossoms Beach.

This is a great beach and is very close to Bremer Bay; it’s actually located in Dillon Bay but is accessed via the Bremer Bay Peninsula.

The beach is very flat and shallow so take note of the tides as the waves could cover most of the beach in some areas during high tide.

The length on Blossoms would be close to 1 km so even during busy season there will be a spot for everyone!

The only 4 wheel driving is on the beach.

4x4 At Blossoms beach, Western Australia.

4 Wheeling at Blossoms Beach.

4WD Little Boat Harbor Beach.

This beach is where 4WDers can launch boats, a very short beach but it is also great for a day at the beach outside of holiday season.

The only 4wding is on the beach.

4wd Boat Launch beach WA.

4WD Little Boat Harbor Beach.

Back Beach.

To access this beach head east on White Trial road and take it to the end. This is the only entrance.

On most days (pending on the weather) the entrance is very protected compared to the rest of the beach. Sand here is soft so low psi is needed.

Back Beach. Western Australia.

Having a break at the Back Beach.

Dillon Bay Awesome Beaches.
Dillon Beach.

To get to Dillon Bay take Dillon Bay road off the main highway just a short drive from Bremer Bay.

Dillon Beach is quite long and stretches across the western half of Dillon Bay, the south part of the beach can be accessed via the north coastline.

This access way will only appear as you get closer to it, from a distance it looks like a dead end.

At the very end of Dillon south beach is a fishing shack, I'm really not sure if it’s a first in first serve or if there is some form of booking these!

Dillon Beach, Western Australia.

Beautiful South Dillon Beach.

At this shack there is an exit track for those who dare! It's a very short hill climb with an extreme exit at the peak; we made it first go in our long wheel base Hilux with 33' Mud terrain tyres and both front and rear lockers engaged!!

A short wheel base vehicle will struggle and risk rolling front over and back if failing an attempt!

If not willing to try this exit just backtrack the way you entered Dillon beach and the tracks heading west.

Stream Beach (our #1 favourite of the Awesome Beaches)

Stream Beach has a flowing stream of fresh water running down from Mt Remarkable, the water comes from the rains months ago slowly seeping through the limestone.

The water flows into the ocean and is much cooler than the sea water.

Getting to Stream Beach is a bit of a thrill, it can involve a drive to south Dillon Beach and up that gnarly (extreme) hill climb! Most people would turn around after seeing this hill climb and go around the long way (long way only an extra 10-15mins + the back tracking) see Dillon Beach for details.

Once past Dillon Beach there is a track heading down to Stream Beach. This track is the only way in and out, it is very steep and goes for quite a while (nearly 750m).

If this track seems too intimidating remember that you will need to get back up too, we had no problem traveling solo and no lockers were required in our ascent out of Stream Beach.

Don't expect too many others to visit this area as there was a bit of overgrowth and no evidence of fresh tracks, just two old ones (1 was a trail bike and the other was from a 4WD)

This beach is so good partly due to the tracks to get there, the beach itself and the isolation!

Stream-Beach. Western Australia.

Stream Beach.

Beaches near Doubtful Bay.

Peppermint Beach.

Accessed via Gordon Inlet road and Doubtful Islands road, allow half a day for this trip but this would include a visit to Peppermint Beach, Horse Beach and Doubtful Bay.

Peppermint Beach is very similar to the soft part of Bremer Beach.

Horse Beach (our 3rd most favourite of the Awesome Beaches)

Horse Beach is a very short beach and is protected from the wind and the swell in 3 directions which makes for a calm beach most of the time.

Just on the other side of the rocks protecting Horse Beach from the southern winds is Doubtful Bay Beach, which is also fairly protected from the winds at the northern end.

Horse Beach, Western Australia.

Horse Beach.

Wray Bay Awesome Beaches.

Reef Beach (our 2nd most favourite of the Awesome Beaches)

Sand Dunes Reef Beach. Western Australia.

This is one awesome beach! the only part of the coastline in WA (that I know of) that has massive sand dune meeting the ocean on a drivable beach!

It's quite amazing and well worth the drive to get there, the 4wd tracks are quite fun as well, especially towards the entry and exit of the beach.

About 40 km from Bremer Bay is the turn off to Reef Beach via Borden-Bremer Road. There are two ways in and out, I would recommend the entrance furthest away from Bremer Bay. Check the tides first!


Hilux at Reef Beach.

Maps For Download.

To download a printable map of greater Bremer-Bay click icon or click here. This map is in pdf. format, if you don’t have a pdf reader you can download one here.

Bremer Bay Map

To download a printable map of the Bremer-Bay Peninsula click this icon or click here. The map is in pdf. If you don’t have a pdf viewer it can be downloaded here.

Map download for Bremer Bay.

For GPS Waypoints In This Area See: GPS Waypoints.

Park and walk Beaches (none drivable)

Short Beach
Fishery Beach
Banky Beach

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