Survival Supplies.

So you’re stuck or lost in the bush or remote country, got your survival supplies handy?

Getting lost in the bush (even a small one) is not very hard to do when technology fails to work (GPS or smart phone) or loosing memory of how to get back out.

Knowing how to read paper maps and this probably will never happen, however most people don't have those skills these days due to the technology available causing most people not having to rely on paper maps, also it's not something that is learn in school anymore (as far as I know).

Being able to read maps won't stop the possibility of getting stuck due to vehicle damage or minor and mayor vehicle problems.

For this reason it's a great idea to have survival supplies with you, if you have one hopefully it will never be used, but if something should happen one day, at least you have a better chance of survival.

Also knowing you have  a survival bag in the 4WD will give you piece of mind.

What should be part of my survival supplies?

Survival items are tools, medical aids, food and clothing.

Driving a 4 wheel drive means we have the luxury of extra cargo space as a posed to a hiker. Food, water, tools and extra clothing are easily stored.

Depending on the situation the 4x4 may have to be abandoned, maybe due to a collision, fire, break down or other unforeseeable situation. This being the case having a go bag or survival bag is a good idea, it means if the vehicle has to be abandoned you have a quick way of getting all your survival supplies out of the vehicle.

Below is a link for two different survival supplies list, one for the vehicle and one for on foot.

For a full list of survival gear see survival gear list.

Survival food:

The best survival food is "canned food". Can food lasts a very long time so when storing it in the vehicle it won't need to be replaced for years to come.

Another great thing about canned food is it can be cooked/heated whilst still in the can but make sure it is OPENED BEFORE HEATING as a sealed can will explode when heated too much.

Anything long life is great to bring on camping trips and day trips, anything containing high sugar generally lasts longer than other foods. Take black and gold brand of fruit cake for instance, it contains high sugar levels and lasts for over a year. A black and gold fruit cake always tags along when I go camping; it makes for a great desert when combined with canned fruit.

Foods like bread are essential for camping but not good as survival food. Bread goes mouldy in a matter of days, so leave this out of the survival bag or box. Only focus on canned food, long life milks (can last over 6 months), foods with high sugar content and other foods with long expiry dates. Just make sure they don't require being kept cool.

First aid kits:

A first aid kit should be in the 4 wheel drive no matter what area you are in, that includes daily driving in the city/town and more importantly while off road.

A standard first aid kit just won't do, it's better than nothing but it won't help in a lot of situations.

The minimum kit in my opinion would be a vehicle trauma kit combined with a general first aid kit and an insect bite kits. With these 3 kits combined you will have most situations covered.

Now you just need to know how to use it!

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