Survival Gear List.

More than half of a survival gear list will be on a camping gear list.

Most 4 wheel drives have plenty of space for a lot of camping gear, food and water. So storing a good amount of survival gear is no problem as most of the tools are the same as the one we use for general camping.

 Don't forget to think of the 4x4 when it comes to survival, if you can keep the vehicle running/driving then there are no problem causing survival situations.

For tips on preparing the 4x4 see this link Have the 4WD prepared for the big trips.

Survival gear list for the vehicle: 

This will be broken into 2 sections, general survival gear list and the survival bag / go bag.

General survival list:
This is what you can keep in the vehicle:


  • Long handle shovel
  • Maxtrax or similar traction aids (bog bags)
  • Vehicle recovery gear (see 4wd recovery for list)
  • Good knife (hunting or scouts knife)
  • Sharp axe or machete
  • Mechanical tools (see this link for detailed info and list)
  • Climbing rope and regular rope

    Life source:
  • Plenty of water, 
  • Survival food (kept in its own container/ not part of the camping food)
  • Fire lighters and matches 
  • Paper maps
  • Safety beacon or similar (very cheap these days)
  • First aid kits: vehicle trauma kit, general kit and insect bite kit
  • Emergency blanks (they work well as reflectors)
  • Extra clothing (for both hot and cold conditions)

  • Lantern
  • Flash lights
  • Head strap lamp
  • Spare batteries (best to buy lights which all use AA or AAA batteries, this will reduce the amount of different batteries required, AA and AAA batteries are the most common used.

Survival bag:

Survival items.

A Few Survival Items.

  • Fire lighters and matches 
  • Paper maps
  • Compass
  • Safety beacon or similar (very cheap these days)
  • First aid kits: vehicle trauma kit, general kit and insect bite kit
  • Emergency blanks (they work well as reflectors)
  • Hunting knife
  • Machete
  • Extra clothing (for both hot and cold conditions)
  • Survival food
  • As much water as possible
  • Water purifier tablets
  • Good water container
  • Rope
  • Gloves

    Most items are included in the vehicle storage, this is just a guide as to what should be in the survival bag which will be in the 4x4. So everything in the survival bag is not doubled up with the vehicle survival gear.

However everything here should be in a survival bag/container there can be removed fast from the vehicle in case the 4WD is on fire or in another emergency.

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