Storage Draws And Storage Ideas

Storage draws are a great way to help organize limited space, if it’s a Ute with a tub on the rear it can really improve with a draw system. This will depend on how you need to use the Ute and what it is you want from it.

 If sleeping in the back of the ute on camping trips then a draw system will not be a good option, however if requiring only to store and transport camping items or even work gear a draw system will help divide and organize in a big way.

 Most draws will divide the tub of the Ute into half when combined with a canopy. Having it divided into 2, items can be placed in the draws and everything else on top of the storage unit, this prevents having to dig through layers of items to get to whatever it might be underneath everything.

4 WD Storage draws.

Draw System in rear of Ute.

Keep the heavier items in the draws to lower the centre of gravity as much as possible. Try to only place the big bulky items, light weight items and packed containers on top of the draw system, you will find this the most effective way to use it.

Storage systems can be bought as premade/pre fit, custom made or made by you if handy with tools.

4 WD Storage draws.

Storage draws in Wagons: 

With most 4x4 wagon’s there really is not much room in the rear at all, so if considering storage unit/draws choose carefully.

 Once a cargo barrier has been installed and a DC fridge has been placed in the rear there is really not much room, if a draw system is required it might be best to get one that only fills in one side.

 Filling one side with a draw system with fridge provision and still having the other side open for bigger items might be the most efficient way. Most wagons will really need a roof rack due to the lack of cargo space in the rear.

Storage draws in Single cab Ute:

Single cab chassis vehicles are the king of storage and with only one possible passenger at any point there is even less gear to bring.

A draw system in combination with a canopy would truly serve well alongside with perhaps a mobile camp kitchen.

The storage ideas and solutions are endless with a single cab Ute, almost anything can be done with left over space.

Storage draws in dual cab Ute:

Let’s be honest here, a dual cab chassis Ute really does not have much space in the rear tub/tray. It’s perfectly fine if it’s just a short trip or perhaps a long camping trip with only 1 passenger.

However if it’s a long camping trip and the rear seats are occupied/family trip, then some kind of draw system or storage solution combined with a roof rack will be required.


Draw System in rear of Ute

Other Storage Solutions:

The ideas are endless here; if no system on the market can for fill your needs perhaps a custom build is the only way to get what you need.

Here are a few different ideas we have used in the past:

Overhead cargo net inside the rear canopy, made out of ockie straps and a trailer cargo net. Very cheap and effective way to store light items like the following: sleeping bags, pillows, spare clothes, wet weather gear, tarps, towels and anything else light weight.

Overhead cargo net for the lighter items.

Overhead cargo net for the lighter items.

A thin poly water tank which holds 50 litres of water, fixed in the head board of the tub in a dual cab. The hose was run under the draw system to the rear of the tub connected to a tap. This took care of all drinking water storage.

On some vehicles (mostly older models) there are hidden voids which are great for storing spare hoses and electrical cable.

Do you have any great ideas you wish to spare? Tells us your storage ideas:

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