Rest Areas & Road Side Camping.

Rest Areas.

When travelling long distances which is common in Australia (given the size and isolation of the country) sometimes it’s best just to pull over and have a rest or in some cases an overnight sleep. It's better to sleep over night than drift away while driving causing possible injury or death to yourself, your family and others that might be sharing the road.

Rest Area & Road side camping.

On some of the bigger rest stops in Australia along the highways it's legal to camp over night (no fires are to be lit), it's legal to stay for 24 hours.
All other places you are allowed to stay overnight as long as you're not setting up a camp.

Very few rest stops provide toilets and none provide running water, and the ones that do provide toilets are more than likely illegal to camp at.

Overnight stays.

Be sure to lock your valuables in the vehicle as any passer-by could help them while you sleep.

There is nothing exciting about road side rest areas and there is more than often nothing to do there.

A rest stop is purely just for pulling over and stretching the legs or staying overnight to avoid driver’s fatigue.

If staying overnight leave room for others that may be staying overnight or simply pulling in for a rest.

For a detailed list by "Mainroads W.A." of rest stop locations and information in WA see Mainroads W.A.

Remote Country Road Side Stop.

Where you stop is simply where you think is best, usually a clearing alongside the road. Just be sure to be well away from the road (I would recommend a minimum 15m away from the road) as other travellers could be passing through, even in the middle of nowhere.

If a fire ban is in place or fires are not permitted at the location gas cookers will have to do. If fires are allowed be sure to use a fire container or the fire pit that is provided.

Ideal fire containers can be a 44 gallon drum cut in half or even better an old washing machine or dryer barrel.

Washing machine or dryer barrels are great as they have tiny holes letting just enough oxygen in and on windy days even strong winds don't really affect the fire in a dangerous way. Most of these barrels will fit a Weber grill on top which makes a great cooking area.

Remember to never leave a fire burning of smoldering. Be sure to use water to extinguish, even if it looks to be out.

Best types of camping methods:

Tents (not the best as most rest stops are hard ground)
Swags (good with a good mattress)
Roof top camper (good easy choice)
4x4 camper trailer (would take up too much space on the smaller rest areas)
Caravan (easiest and safest option)

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