Camping with Children & Kids Hygiene.

Camping with Children & Kids Hygiene:
Playing with sand and dirt is perfectly normal behaviour for children, being outdoors/camping one should expect their kids to get messier than compared to at home in the back yard.

For this reason bring extra clothing for each day camping, even if it's summer bring warm clothes for the night time. Long sleeved shirts and long pants will help prevent mosquito bites.

Kids hygiene items like wet wipes (baby wipes) are the best thing for cleaning kids, bring a few spare packets. Don't forget to bring these other important hygiene items: nappy rash cream, talcum powder, tooth paste & brush.
Bring extra nappies and stock up a good backpack for day trips away from camp.

Keeping kids clean on camp grounds is easy with a collapsible plastic bathtub, all you need is running water (or enough transport from home water) and a kettle (or another form of heating water). This will enable kids to have a nice warm bath.

If the weather is quite hot giving the kids a cold water bath during the day time will also keep them nice and cool.

Another way is to use a portable shower.

Camping With Children And Exploring The Bush:

Kids in the bush.

Kids like to see and touch everything they come across, this is natural and how they learn. Out in the bush it's recommend to keep a watchful eye out for snakes, bull ant nests and ticks, however these creatures only really become a problem in thick/dense bush as you can't see what's behind the trees, rocks or whatever is blocking the line of sight.

Safer areas to let kids explore are big clearings where you can see the entire area, here you will be able to relax more as well not having to be right next to them at all times.

I recommend bring some small containers for seashells, rocks or anything else your child has found and wants to take home or even just examine later back at camp.

Small kids can cover a fair distance by foot, however not as much as an adult. Keep this in mind for the longer walking trails, a stroller may not be an option on these trails (I wouldn't recommend it), a hiking toddler backpack would be a better option. Carrying a child in your arms heavier than 12kg for a few km could be very tiring.

Prevention and Protection:

Compared to us adults, kids have very sensitive and delicate skin, cuts, grazes, sunburn, insect bites affect children more.

The number 1 item to have is a well-stocked first aid kit.

Other Simple items will also assist in helping:

Sun screen and insect repellent are great prevention methods but make sure there are made for kids or people with sensitive skin and use as directed on the product labels.

Aloe Vera gel (or the plant sap) is great for sealing cuts, grazes and help skin repair caused be sunburn.

A Well-Stocked First Aid Kit:

Not only when camping with children but camping in general every vehicle should carry a first aid kit, it is common for small cuts and grazes to occur.
Know how to use it too!

Kids and Camp Fires:

Kids around camp fire.

Be very careful when using a camp fire with kids around, it’s important a constant watchful eye is cast upon the fire and children around it.

Kids are fascinated and attracted to fires. This same care should be taken when cooking at the camp; it could be a very long drive to the nearest hospital/doctor with burn wounds.

For Kids Camping Tips Like:

Planning the camping trip:

Camping with children packing list:

Setting up camp:

Kids and camp food:

Lights & batteries:

Outdoor toys:

Kids nap time and night time:

See Camping With Kids.

Night camp at Lake Brockman, Western Australia.

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