Esperance to Le Grande National Park.

Distance from   Perth:762km 

Nearest fuel: 12-34km Esperance

Track/beach length: 20km+

Just 12 km's from the centre of Esperance the big beach run starts and takes you all the way into Le Grand National Park.


This beach run is absolutely awesome as it just continues forever, apart from the pristine turquoise water and Mountains in the distance there are a few large rocky areas mainly at the Esperance end of the beach and don't be surprised if you come across wild horses and Kangaroos sharing the beach with you.

The 4wd beach run is over 20 km's long and average speeds around 60 kph is common, however we stress that you work out which average speeds suits you best.

The mountain at the end of the Beach is Mt Le Grande which can be climbed on foot.

79 series cruiser on the beach at sunrise.

79 Series Cruiser on the beach at sunrise at Le Grande National Park.

The beach is very wide in some areas over 100 meters wide during low tide.

This beach run is great as it acts like a short cut to Le Grand National Park. By the beach its 32 km in total from Esperance CBD and by highway its 68 km, that is a big difference.

The beach sand is quite hard so high range gearing is the way to go, however lowering tires and engaging 4wd is still necessary to avoid unexpected bogging’s and track damage. Know the tides before venturing along the beach.

If it’s the first time you travel down this beach we recommend taking your time and soaking in the beautiful area around you, this is amazing country!

The extra beauty of this beach run is being able to use it getting to and from Le Grande National Park’s Lucky Bay, Rossiter Bay and Dunns Rocks. We drove on this beach about 7-8 times and once at night. If using the beach at night, take extra care of people fishing as it gets pitch black night!

Warning sign.

Within Le Grande National Park:

There are plenty of beaches within the Le Grande National Park and not all of them are accessed by 4x4. The ones that are accessed by 4 Wheel Drive are: Lucky Bay, Rossiter Bay and Dunn Rocks. If spending the entire day at a beach the 4wd beaches will always the number 1 pick! The other beaches in the area are still worth a look however.

Some of the Mountains have walking tracks to the summit, we didn’t venture up any as we had young kids along for the trip but I recon the view and the challenge would be worth it especially the Frenchman’s cap peak.

The Holden Rodeo at the beach.

Small rock climb challenge: 

At the entrance to the beach at the Esperance end there is a big rock hill. This rock hill has a sand track leading up to the start of the challenge which has a reward at the top. The reward is a great view of the beach and coastal area from the peak.

There are two rocky climbs to choose from, the easy and the hard one! The hard one will require lift kit, big tires and diff lockers in order to do it safely and avoid risking panel damage. Here is a video going up the harder way:

Use the beach run to reach these locations:

Rossiter Bay to Dunns Rocks: A lot of beach driving taking you along some awesome beaches.

Lucky Bay: not so much a track still a 4WD beach you must visit.

Things to do:

Esperance beach 4wd and fishing

4 Wheel Driving the beach

Night Driving on the beach

Relaxing on the beach


Beach activities

Spend the entire day




General Track conditions and difficulty:


The beach is hard packed sand in most places, the water/ocean can still claim a 4wd however so know the tides!

Even with the sand being hard engage 4x4 and lower tires to at least 25psi. Don’t speed along the beach as there are plenty of other track/beach goes walking and driving!

Remember the safety of your passengers, vehicle and your own well-being is your responsibility!

Best time to go:

The warmer months are best to make the most of the beach, so anywhere from late October to April.

Full waypoint details below:

For information about How to enter the GPS Way-points into Google Earth see this video.

For information about How to enter the GPS Way-points into Google Earth

see this video.

20km Beach run entry (West end):

Air down in the car park

Latitude: 33°50'8.83"S

Longitude:  121°59'2.42"E

Rock Challenge Hill:

Latitude:  33°50'8.14"S

Longitude:  121°59'4.94"E

Le Grande Beach entry/exit:

Latitude:  33°58'44.86"S

Longitude:   122° 7'7.48"E

For Other 4x4 Tracks In The Esperance Area See Here.

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