Camp Rubbish & Bush Toilet,
Consider Others: 

So we all understand the concept of leaving nothing behind and we all understand general hygiene when it comes to the bush toilet, right? Wrong!! A lot of people just don’t understand.

Camp & General Rubbish: 

Just in case you didn't know. Whatever Rubbish we take into the bush we MUST take back out with us.
Unfortunately not everyone seems to understand this basic concept of courtesy and they leave all kinds of crap behind, even worse broken glass! Broken glass can start bush fires, cut bare feet, harm kids, harm wildlife and is very hard to clean up.

On our trips we burn most of our paper/cardboard rubbish (when we have campfires) and crush our cans which then take up no space what so ever, it is really not that hard to bring your crap home with you. I don’t understand how and why anyone would leave their rubbish behind.

Ask yourself this; would you throw rubbish on your floor at home, backyard or at your mate's house? I’m guessing the answer would surely be no.

Be courteous to your fellow travel companions and use your own rubbish bin, there is nothing worse than fellow campers filling your rubbish bag before they even get their own out. Especially if you are the one that bring cans and people are putting their glass bottles in your rubbish bag! That’s a pet hate of mine and I’m sure it’s many other's too, take your own crap out with you!

Best solutions to this problem:

#1 Don't leave anything behind

#2 Bring cans into the bush not glass bottles, that way should you drop or bust a can there is no glass to be picked up and no sharps left behind.

#3 Burning paper rubbish or using it to help light a fire is a great way to reduce rubbish, however if no fires are allowed or you are just on a day trip then simply pack rubbish bags and use them to transport your rubbish home.

Number 2’s in the Bush, The Bush Toilet: 

Here is something no one else really talks about, the bush toilet, number 2's, and yes I'm referring to poo!

Too many times while camping I have come across scattered toilet paper and a turd laying on the surface of the ground, the first thing that goes through my mind is "really!! Why the hell would you do that and who is so feral that he wouldn't  consider his or her fellow campers"??!

Is it someone being lazy, not thinking or just not caring? Who knows?

This is how it should be done to those who are still not sure:

Grab a shovel and some TP (toilet paper) go for a walk far enough away from camp, dig a hole (your personal bush toilet) about a foot deep, do your business and dispose of your TP into the hole. When done simply fill the hole and smack it with the shovel a few times to compact it and discourage wildlife from digging it up.

If you don't have a shovel, ask someone if you can borrow one and buy one for next time. A shovel doesn't cost much and you should really have one anyway as it’s an important tool to have when 4 wheeling.

Another option is to buy a “bush toilet”. It’s a seat that comes with bio degradable bags which can be buried in the ground for those who prefer not to squat.

If you still think I'm being over the top about the surface turds then consider this, if the entire camp did this , over time there will be a lot of shit out there.

It will be full of brown land mines just waiting for someone to step in them. Not cool!


What can we do to make our tracks and campsites better?

Well for a start think of others and follow the 3 common knowledge guidelines below:

Take your rubbish home.

Pick up rubbish left by others (sadly we need to or more tracks and locations will get shut).

Don’t leave surface turds behind, use a bush toilet and bury it!

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