4WD Interior or Cab Modifications.

4WD Interior or Cab Modifications:
Overhead Consoles, Rocker Switches, Extra Dash Gauges and other mods.

4 Wheel Drive interior mods are anything that can be mounted in the cab. Depending on the year, make and model of the 4x4 some things can and other things can't be fitted.

The older the vehicle the more items can be fitted and more alterations can be made, the newer 4x4's have airbags which prevent the installation of switch boards on the dash and steering wheel changes, some of the newer vehicles even have side and curtain airbags which can make it a nightmare to fit custom gauges and switches, even changing the seats can be a costly exercise.

There is always somewhere to mount something, it  may just be a case of thinking outside the box when doing 4WD Interior or Cab Modifications.



Switches and volt monitors: 

If installing spot lights, LED bar lights or a mounted compressor a switch will be required, most vehicles have spare factory slots in the dash for extra switches.

Generally 2-3 minimum, if more slots are required there are a few options:

1: Purchasing a switch panel holder and finding an area on the dash to cut a hole and mount the panel. These panels can be 1-6 slots. This will give the vehicle a neat factory look,  just be careful not to install anything near an airbag.

2: The centre console is sometimes a good area to place switches and no airbags to worry about in that area of the vehicle. Wires can be run under the carpet.

3: On an older vehicle a switch board/box could be mounted on the dash.

4: Thinking outside the box when doing 
4wd interior modifications can help.

5: Volt monitors really need to be positioned so they can be easily viewed from the driver's seat.

Overhead console: 

These are great for keeping CB radios and perhaps a few switches away from the dash, they are also good for storing glasses, sun glasses, small maps and other small items.

CB in overhead console.

An overhead console also houses more interior lights and most brands have LED lights which don't draw much power compared to the standard factory globes.

Dash gauges: 

If getting engine work done to a vehicle it can be an idea to have some extra gauges installed to keep an eye on things.

If getting a turbo installed, upgraded, engine chip and tune it would be wise to get a boost gauge, pyro gauge and an oil pressure gauge.

Analogue is better than most digital gauges as the analogy moves in real time which is important for turbo boost gauges as you will get a better feel when the turbo is actually doing its work. Digital gauges can lag giving off readings a second or two later.

Places to mount gauges:

Older 4WD's: anywhere on the dash or driver side pillar.

Newer vehicles without curtain or side airbags: the pillar is the best spot.

With curtain airbags: a bit of thinking outside the box is required here, perhaps there is room behind the steering wheel on the actual steering column itself.

Mounting brackets:

When carrying a flash light, fire extinguisher or other weighty item in the cab you need to mount them securely. In the event of an accident these items become missiles possibly causing serious injury.

You also need to know where the extinguisher is if needed, strapping it down or mounting it is a must at all times.

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