Wooza's 79 series cruiser

by Wooza
(Wa, Perth hills)

G'day fellow adventure seekers!

I bought my 4.2l 2004 79 series back in 2009 and spent loads of time and hard earned cash on setting her up for some hard core four wheel driving!

While spending almost every weekend possible out on fishing and spearing trips up north or local trips with the motor bikes or just camping with a good bunch of mates out bush!

Then came the chance for the big trip around oz so I set it up as a capable off road machine and also a comfortable tourer!

I'm running 33 inch mickey Thompson atz, old man emu suspension with a 2inch lift with greaseable shackles, air bags on the rear, ARB air lockers, under bonnet ARB compressor with auxiliary tank, 2.5 inch lufkin performance exhaust, 12000 pound Le Grande winch.

As for battery's I have the main battery, a big deep cycle which runs a fridge and a freezer, camp lights, pump and reverse spotty's and a battery that is a spare for starting only when the main is dead!

2 180 watt solar panels on the roof, 2 HID converted rally 4000's, a 52 inch light bar on the roof and a 50 w led reverse light.

On the back I built my own setup with unistrut and 4 mm checker plate ally, inside a cage setup with a half tool box, 2 Engels and a 2 drawer system I built, 2 spare tyres on the back, and under the tray is a 2 jerry can holder, a 60 litre water storage with electric pump and tap!

I left January last year and still travelling and have the time of my life!

The cruiser has been down some of the most intense fourby tracks Australia has to offer! And the war wounds to prove it!
I've always said the harder the track is to get through generally the better it is on the other side! Haha.

I'm currently making my way from Darwin to Perth! I'm towing a 4.2 m quintrex dory with a 2 stroke 30 yammy on the back!

I think the best thing of having a tray back you can weld or bolt basically anything you want to it to build your ultimate setup, while being robust as! Cheers

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