Perth Diesel Performance. 
Perth’s Exclusive
North of the River Unichip Dealer

Perth Diesel Performance, Wangara.

Perth Diesel Performance are located in Wangara and are Perth’s exclusive north of the river Unichip dealer.

With our Dyno Dynamics onsite dyno we specialise in increasing torque and rwhp when you take your diesel 4WD anywhere in Australia – on or off the road knowing you are backed by an Australia wide dealer network.


We can also fit full exhaust systems, headers, piller pod custom gauges for keeping an eye on EGT’s Boost levels and transcoolers to keep your 4WD performing both on and offroad.

Unichip-Q is the result of 15 years of research and development. It greatly enhances the functions and capabilities of the original engine computer turning it into super computer. It has the option of 5 user selectable map combinations according to your wishes. The possible combinations are unlimited. Power, economy, efficiency, performance and optimised are all the words that go together with Unichip.

Because the software is fully programmable, the chip can be upgraded so it is possible it will fit any future vehicles you may purchase.

Once the chip is added to the engine, it needs to be tuned by a trained professional. It has the ability to be tuned under different throttle and RPM conditions best suited to your needs and wants.

Don’t settle for any plug and play off the shelf product, put a Unichip into your vehicle which will be tailored and customised specifically to your vehicle. There is no compromise on quality.  

Call us on 9303 9720 or email for any questions you may have or visit us at Unit 3, 70 Prestige Parade, Wangara.


22 Reasons Why This Chip Is The Market Leader:

·         Live tuning

·        The chip can control boost via a Unichip Q+ or a Unichip Q manipulation of the MAP sensor

·         The chip can control idle

·         The chip can control fuel

·         The chip can control timing

·         The chip has engine over heating protection via coolant temp sensor

·         The chip has an EGT protection mode

·         The chip can drive extra injectors or drive factory injectors directly

·         The chip can be set up for launch control

·         The chip can eliminate most road speed governers

·         The chip can fully control water injection, nitrous and water spray

What is a Unichip?

This chip gives the properly trained technician full control over the timing and mixture functions of most electronically controlled vehicles (Petrol or Diesel).

Not only can mixtures and timing be set, but also it can be set under various load and RPM conditions. This gives one the ability to optimise the vehicle for economy under light load conditions and set it up for optimum performance under full-throttle conditions.

The UNICHIP is much more than just a "chip". In actual fact it is a fully functioning computer which is added to the vehicle’s existing engine control unit (ECU). Apart from controlling general Timing and Fuel Mixtures it can also do Boost Control, EGT protection, drive existing injectors (Petrol or Diesel ) or additional Injectors, eliminate road speed governors and much, much more. It can be accurately described as a "Piggyback" computer.

With 5 Map capabilities you can have a custom tune to suit your specific needs, eg High Octane map, Low Octane map, High Boost map, Low Boost Map, Immobiliser map. The possibilities are endless.

Why should I install it in my car?

The most obvious reason is to increase engine performance.

Significant gains in torque and power across the entire RPM range are possible. In addition, the engine will be smoother, deliver greater response and maximise fuel efficiency at all RPM and throttle positions.

A second reason is to harness the performance value of engine and exhaust modifications.  Standard engine management systems are not programmed to cater for exhaust headers, cat back exhaust systems, hi flow air filters, performance cam shafts or larger turbo chargers and intercoolers.

How does the chip increase engine power?

Every engine requires optimum timing and air fuel ratio at all RPM and load conditions. Unichip gives the experienced Unichip authorised agent the access and ability to adjust and optimise timing, fuel system and boost if required in real time on a chassis dynamometer to suit YOUR vehicle.

 Real Time Tuning- what does this mean 

Real Time Tuning describes the process whereby adjustments are made to Timing and Air Fuel Ratio whilst running the vehicle on a chassis dynamometer. In doing so the authorised agent can see the power output from the dynamometer live whilst making changes to Timing and Air Fuel Ratio's with the chip in Real Time. This greatly reduces the time spent on the Dynamometer to achieve a perfect tune.

How much power can I expect?

Power gains of 10kw-30kw are common place, as measured by a authorised dealer on a accurate chassis dynamometer. Whilst less common power gains of 50kw have been verified.

The exact power gain however depends on the design and condition of the engine and the factory calibration on the engine control unit. No two engines are identical. The results represents the optimisation of each individual engine. Results are verified by before and after dynamometer, tests, measured at 100% throttle opening across the entire RPM range.


Will It improve my fuel economy?

Yes. In most driving conditions the chip will improve fuel economy. Many modern fuel injected engines waste fuel by running very rich air fuel ratios at part throttle and full throttle openings.

With this chip, it is a simple procedure to correctly adjust the air fuel ratio and timing over the entire engine operation for maximum economy at light throttle and maximum power at full throttle.

How is this chip different from “performance chip”?

This chip is a supplementary engine management system, As such; it is far more advanced than “generic plug-in performance chip” products. It is individually programmable to meet the requirements of engine and driver.

Being fully adjustable this chip can cater for non-standard, current and future engine modifications. Best of all, the chip can deliver the most personalised power result every time – uniquely tuned for fuel type and rating and even particular ambient conditions of operation. With optional 5 map capability, your Unichip authorised agent can tailor a tune to suit your requirements.

Best of all there is a 99% chance that you can install your this chip to your new car when the time comes. Meaning you only have to buy a Unichip once, simply swap it from vehicle to vehicle with tuning only required.

Is the original factory engine control unit modified by installing this chip?

No. this chip is a supplementary computer which is programmed to contain the optimum fuel and ignition adjustments for each individual engine.

The factory engine management control unit is not altered in any way, The chips ECU is simply installed by connecting to the wires of the original factory E.C.U.

Plug and Play options available for most vehicles.

Once removed there is no electronic footprint left behind for dealers to find.

Product Warranty

A 2 year unlimited kilometre warranty applies for all Unichip products.

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