The Desert Rat

by Anthony
(Cairns, QLD, Australia)

Landcruiser 79 Series V8, single cab 2012


Steel bull bar
WARN XP 9.5 winch with Dynamica rope 11mm
Baha design LED bar lights spreads x 3, plus 2 x IPF spreads
Old man emu suspension 2 inch lift
Suspension upgrade to 3780 kg
Beaudesert stainless steel 3 inch
DP Chip
Air compressor under tray
Rock sliders
Steel Duratray with timber floor
Air lockers front / rear
BFG muddies 285's
Redarc Inverter pure sine wave 350W
Satellite exterior antenna
UHF radio
2 batteries
Steering damper
Radiator coolant level early warning
Radiator steel plate (under body)

This is my second Landcruiser, I had the old 40 series before this, and simply I love them.

I am Cairns based, but most of my offroad driving is expedition, desert runs (A category deserts).

I have recently returned from an around Australia trip (the 3rd around Australia trip), and one of the highlights in this trip was the Simpson desert and Binns Track.

I travel single vehicle (solo), and depending on the particular terrain I will travel to, I configure my gear and my tray to suit the conditions. For example in my shed I keep a rooftop tent, a swag and a tent and I choose one that will suit my needs for that particular trip.
I also choose from a single Engel or twin Engel fridges with twin 110 amp hour batteries for the fridges, or just an esky. (the twin batteries for the fridges are additional to the 2 batteries under the bonnet)

Sometimes I will carry 3 extra tyres, but most of the times 2.

The truck always goes through a complete check and overhaul for each long expedition. The vehicle is 3 years old and this is my 3rd suspension and 3rd set of tyres, and second clutch.

Safety is paramount as I do not have the support of a second vehicle travelling with me.

Naturally I have full recovery gear to cover all situations. Also satellite phone, EPIRB and I keep SAR time.
2 fire extinguishers and full medical kit.

The rear of the tray is also configured to carry a second winch should I need to have one for that particular trip.

The Landcruiser gets beaten up a hell of a lot, but it has never failed me once. I trust it with my life.
I could never think of a better truck.

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