Rock Lights:

They may be called rock lights but they serve as much more than just that.

These lights are installed anywhere up under the front of the 4x4 so that it will light up the ground and surrounding area in front of the vehicle. Much the same as fog lights, however fog lights face more forward rather than to the ground.

These on the other hand face the ground on a 45 degree angle to light up the immediate ground near the front tyres.

Rock-lights are also very useful at the rear as well which will assist in reversing and serve a great purpose for slow technical wheel placement while off-roading.

Additional lights can be added to the underside of sidesteps, the best lights for this are the LED light strips (light weight and cheaper) much like the neon lights on some street cars only off-road they will actually serve a purpose!

When adding these LED “strips” keep in mind that side steps and/or rock sliders will more than likely come in contact with a log or rock so when installing put it in a spot which will have the least chance of contact.                                                                              

Another thing to consider is mud can collect under the side steps and cover the lights which in itself is not a concern however if left too long there is possibility of the lights being damaged when removing the mud.

LED rock-lights would have to be classed as LED off road lights, due to the fact they would serve no purpose on the highway at faster speeds and would attract the law if used anywhere other than off road.

LED rock lights on a 4x4 will be guaranteed to be in contact with water at some stage, possibly completely submerged which is totally fine as LED's can handle water better than any other type of lights.

If water should make it into the lights housing contacting the globes the Light-emitting diode won't crack or explode like halogen globes would.

When shopping for LED lights be sure to check for an IPF67 or higher rating, IPF67 or higher is a code for water tightness. Most good LED lights will be IPF67.


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