Oatesy's 02 GU 4.8

by Rhys

Streaky Bay SA

Streaky Bay SA

G'day guys,

My name is Rhys and I live in Perth WA.

Seems to be a common opinion in the 4x4 community that the TB48 uses too much fuel and are not suitable for touring. Well they are thirsty, but with a little prior planning, driving with consumption in mind and jerry cans you can still travel long distances.

The TB48s are great value for money, power on tap and there seems to be more and more people actually looking for them recently.

Initially I'd always dreamed of owning a GU TD42 fully setup for touring, but when I came across this, I just couldn't refuse haha.
Picked it up second hand, with low kms and for probably 15k cheaper they I could of got a TD42 and over the last 18 months slowly but surely fitted it out the way I want.

Basics about the big girl:
4.8 dual fuel petrol/injected gas
5 speed tiptronic auto

Mechanical/performance modifications:
2.5 inch exhaust
Safari snorkel
Upgraded uni filter
Dual batteries
Etc Etc

Underneath Modifications:
285/75R16 Mickey Thompson Baja ATZ
Allied 16x8 thunder rims
3 inch tough dog shocks and heavy duty 3 inch springs
Tough dog adjustable panhards
Tough dog RTC
2 degree OME castor correction bushes
Adjustable draglink, swaybar links and upper trailing arms
Genuine Nissan manual hubs (replaced autos)
Harris hardcase diff guard.

Other modifications:
Xrox bullbar
MCC rear bar (dual wheel carrier)
Shovel/hi lift mounts
42 inch light bar
Hella Rallye 4000s
Interior LED lights
Decent little 12 volt setup
80 litre evacool RV fridge

Planned future modifications:
Torque converter lock up kit
Possibly look at diff ratio exchange from 3.5s to 4.3
Removing gas and fitting long range petrol tank
Rear drawer setup

My main aim with the patrol has always been a tough tourrer (yes, even though it's a petrol haha), beach and the odd mud flicking. And I feel it's well on it's way. It's a great reliable, capable and affordable truck.

My wife and I recently returned from a trip from Perth to Victor Harbor SA, round trip was roughly 7500kms, the patrol went really well. With random destinations all the way there and back. Towing an MDC camper was averaging roughly 20 per 100 on fuel and about 23-25 on gas.

The best part apart owning a patrol is the availability of spares and the strength of the components. But the best part about owning a 4.8 is the power, value for money and the bang for buck.

Thanks for having a read guys and hopefully we will see you out and about, safe journeys.



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Oct 11, 2018
4.8 L GU fuel useage
by: Rick

Initially had a 4.5 L petrol GU, which was excellent for 13 years. Then I had a 4.8 for a few years and fitted a 140 L fuel tank. Loved the power. It was a beast. I got 20 to 22 L/100 km on the highway & less on the slower, rougher tracks like the CSR, Gunbarrel, etc. Just took a few jerries. Worst was 42 L/100 km - after rain shut roads for 5 days, traveling from Oodnadatta to Coober Pedy with 1.5 t trailer in tow. Loved the comfort of the 4.8 Ti, also.
In the end I went to diesel (new BT50). Simpler & cheaper to run.

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