Lived up to its name

by James
(Australia, WA, Geroltdon )

Sh*t Lux, roll Lux, no Lux, slow Lux whatever you want to call it it’s still my fav car.

I had always dreamt of getting my own 1998/2003 Toyota Hilux 2.5 Litre turbo diesel it has always just seemed so good, physically and the looks.

I was offered to come along on a 4WD trip with my friends and I couldn’t turn it down. We had all decided that we would go to the biggest sand dunes in our town/city. But here in Geroltdon WA the sand dunes aren’t that big compared to anywhere else.

I knew everyone that was coming except for one guy who was a friend of a friend. He was the 4th car but the 7th person as we had two people in each car except his, as he was alone.
I really wanted to go with him only for one reason... HE HAD A HILUX!! I didn’t really like the guy himself but I sure as hell fell in love with that damned car. It was sooooo good he had done it up so well it had all the twicks and supplies I wanted on my Hilux but there was one thing that revolted me. He had jacked that car up so high it was like a baby monster truck, it looked like a baby whale, it literally broke your neck if you tried to look at the roof, you had to climb like 8 ladders just to get under the bonnet, this was what they called a RollLux he is one of the guys that give Hiluxes a bad name.

We started our trip at 10:10 in the morning only to end it at 9:30!! We had spent 11 hours out there. One of my friends who had a wife didn’t have her when we got back cause we took so god damn long out there and she was not impressed.

We were all so tired and dirty by the end of it all because of that damned Hilux. It literally got turned into a RollLux within 3 minutes of us entering the dunes tracks. He had flipped it when he was trying to go over a dune we all said NOT To go over because it was to steep. But he tried it anyway. He had only made it halfway up when he realised what we said was true he tried to turn the car at the point where he was which resulted in it digging its side into the dune and flipping it. He rolled 4 times until he came to a stop on the roof.

There was sand all in the car and all his stuff and accessories were flung everywhere (he should’ve tied’em down with cable ties). And so yes, buy the end of it my friend had no wife we were all dirty and I still have some of that guy's stuff sitting in my shed. I mean it was all just laying around so I thought I’d go and borrow his stuff while he’s getting yelled and laughed at.

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Jul 05, 2018
Ha Ha Ha
by: Steve

great story, LOL

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