Land cruiser GXL wagon 2014

by Moe

Hi everyone,

I recently purchased the land cruiser GXL wagon 2014 the 4 door one and I want to upgrade it by starting with the tire and wheels. I did not know that it would be such a long search and so many different technical issues there are, so I will need your help guys.

I am looking at installing steel wheels as currently I have the stock ones, which are the alloy 17'. However, after a long search I am still not sure if I can install 16' wheels like the ones Ronny has (I would love to get the same) also no idea of what off set I should get (since I am not a big fan of spacers).

Also is a lift kit necessary as I see my car already higher than others.

Thanks in advance

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Jun 06, 2015
Any programming required?
by: Moe

Finally some decent answers, thxxx Ronny and i will go with the 33' tires n offset too.

Oh ya do i need to reprogram the gear ratio or any other?

Jun 03, 2015
Options for your Cruiser
by: Ronny

Hi there,

You can use -55 rear wheel offset and 0 offset for the front, this will correct the wheel track.

17 inch alloys? are you sure they are not 16's? My alloy stock wheels were 16 inch and on the Toyota website the are still 16's. If your wagon is second hand perhaps the previous owner must have put 17 inch on it??

16 inch will fit if its the australian VDJ76, if its and international version of the 70 I can't tell you if 16 inch will fit.

In order to fit 33inch tyres no lift is required however you may need to change the off set on the front (requiring new steel rims as the question above) 0 offset to clear the guards. To fit 35's you will need 3.5 inch lift without panel beating. Yo can fit 35's on 2 inch lift but it will require a fair bit of panel beating to the inside guards.

I hope that answers you questions.

Cheers Ronny

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