Hankook DynaPro MT

by Steve
(Melbourne, Vic)

Hankook DynaPro MT

I got these put on after the cheap noisy tyres already fitted wore out.

I got 256/70R16s. On a 2009 RC Colorado. I've done 60,000km so far on the Hankooks and there's probably at least 20,000km to come.

As the reviews said - they are very quiet, well wearing and inexpensive. I got my 4 for just under $1000 about 5 years ago from Highway Tyres in Mitcham.
95% of my kms are on bitumen. And these tyres are grippy even in the wet.

My hobbie is hang gliding. And a lot of this is off some decent hills with steep rocky tracks. The tyres have coped well with sharp rocks, slippery rocks and rolly stones.
Sometimes I'll find myself crossing flooded paddocks on the way home. Again - no problems.

I'm planning a trip to Cape York to get away from the Melbourne winter this year. It'll be interesting to see how half worn tyres go through the water crossings and rutted tracks. Plus the many kms up and back.

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Oct 10, 2020
to the tip of the Cape
by: Anonymous

Go up there with very good to new tyres.

Anything else and you risking too much as there are some great drives on the way up, or back down.

Not too sure the Queenslanders will let you into the state next winter :)

I went up there with the new BFG Ho2 Baja tyres and had no hassles. well I did not go down some of the big drops cause I was watching them drag others out when they failed the drop before I arrived.

Oct 10, 2020
Hankook DynaPro MT
by: MaybeTheWorldsBestDad

My tyre garage said, they have stoped making them.
I’ve never tried any other muddy. So I can’t compare that way.
I’m a tradie, so I’m always on building sites, and get less punctures with them on. So I leave them on.
I have purchased five sets of Two tyres, always moving the front tyres to the back and putting the new on the front.
I’m a weekend warrior, love going away with the family and our goldstream storm camper trailer. Great tyres on the sand, 10 on the front, 12 on the back, and 10 on the trailer.
I will keep buying them till I can’t get them any more. And change to something else. Couldn’t tell you how many Klm I get. Cos I keep changing them, but I figure around 35-40,000. They are a good wearing tyre, and most of the time that’s what I want pulling a work trailer everyday. Not great driving in the rain, but I’ve never hit the vehicle in front of me yet, so fingers crossed.
Best of luck with your purchase. I pay $220 each for them balanced and fitted. So not bad, and they seem more quiet than a few friends of mine 4bys ...

Mar 15, 2019
Get NEW RUBBER enjoy the experience
by: Anonymous

As someone who's been to the tip of Cape York I assure you you will need every bit of tread you can find.

You say you expect another 20K from these tyres, so they will be totally stuffed when you get back for sure and that is a waste of a gr8 experience going on 'stuffed' tyres as there is plenty to see on the way up to the tip of the Cape.
Some say "it's the journey, not the destination" but in the Tip trip it really is both.
There is so much to see between Cairns and the top of Cape York.

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