Gen 1 Pajero Virginia, US.

by Brandon
(Hartfield, VA. US.)

Hello all,

Owner: Brandon Barbini
Vehicle: 1991 Montero / Pajero
Engine: 3.0L petrol
Transmission: 5-speed manual

Engine: Factory with ARB snorkel, full flowmaster custom exhaust with turn up. Ignition sealed, engine computer relocated to sealing. 160 AMP alternator.

Transmission: Factory stock with centerforce clutch.

Suspension:Front OME torsion bars, bump stops cut flush, sway bar removed. Rear OME gen 2 expedition springs, sway bar removed. 3 inch Xpjuan body lift. Total lift 4 3/4 inch front, 5 1/2 inch rear.

Differentials: stock gearing with aussie locker in front, factory limited slip in rear, superwinch locking hubs in front.

Tires: Mud Claw 35 12.50 15, vision black steel wheels 4.50 back spacing 15x8

Winch plate welded to front frame rails, front bumper ends cut at 45 deg. Electric fan with switched disable. procomp 6x9 lights front top, 4x6 rear.

About me:
I am an avid offroader, here in Virginia we have all types of four wheeling, from deep water crossings to rock climbing and everything in between.

I would consider my style a rough overlander. We get all seasons here, sorry I have no snow pictures.

The vehicle pictured and specs above, I purchased several years ago, it has been a long project of trial and error to get to the point you see here. There is not much info here on what can be done to these pajeros / monteros, so most I had to figure out the hard way.

A few things you will notice in my pictures, 1 the snorkel head facing backwards, we do this for two main reasons, one being it keeps heavy rain out of it, and two it keeps the initial surge into deep water from scooping in the snorkel and stalling the engine. As a side effect it also keeps down on debris in the air filter after extended use, not to mention snow can build up and block the head facing forward. Another thing you may have noticed is the raised detachable exhaust, this is so when forwarding deep water or mud, in the event i stall or get stuck the engine can easily be restarted completely submerged up to top of windshield in water. Reducing the chance of reverse hydro-locking the engine when shut off under water.

This truck is affectionately named HOPPER. As you can see from the pictures I spend a fair amount of time with the wheels off the ground.

Lastly, I wanted to say thanks for taking the time to do your show, I enjoy watching your adventures on youtube. Great show, my kids love to watch it with me. Hopefully I can get these pictures to post...

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