False Entrance and Steep Point

by Justin van Viersen

Steep Point/ False Entrance done, my daughter was co-pilot.

Camped 20 meters away from the point at False Entrance. There is no amenities, you have to be 100% self sufficient. (There are long drop toilets at the point if you camp there)

Vehicle was a Prado 150
2 inch lift
ARB Bull Bar
All the normal elecrical mods for touring and camping

The life in that ocean is amazing. Even caught a cray on a line. Sharks, lots of them, Dolphins, turtles, all sorts of fish.
Even saw a manta ray breach right in front of us.

Then there is the coast line. It's about the best you get, makes the Great Australian Bite look like a small step. These massive Blow holes all along the coast. Some you could stick a car in.

I drove the whole peninsula, it's very rough. In places corrugations like sand dunes.
The tracks ranged from OK to very soft, and if you get off the main ones very rocky and you get on some pretty big angles, made for a bit of fun.

It's only about 40 kms from False Entrance to steep point but it takes nearly 4 hours

We came across
1x Nissan Navara with a bent chassis in the middle
1x camper trailer with the axle ripped off
1x Discovery with the sidewalls ripped out of 2 tyres. He only have one spare.
And various bits and pieces that had been ripped off things.
The Prado didn't miss a beat. It just very dirty and needs a clean out. All systems worked perfectly. :)

I would recommend it.

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Aug 14, 2018
Didnt realise this had been posted.. :)
by: Justin

It was a great trip thats for sure.

Mar 06, 2018
GPS Jedi Master
by: Hughjazz

What Justin doesn't know about GPS and Mapping, isn't worth knowing!

Jan 20, 2016
Steep point
by: Anonymous

Great article would like to see more stuff like this.

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