The Principles Behind the Working of An Electric Car? 
/ Boosting the Engine Performance of a Hybrid Car

Story by Belfort Jordan.

It started as a rumour, but now it is a reality. Electric cars are here with us. An electric vehicle is one of the best inventions that were made in this century.

From outside, these cars look similar to the gasoline powered cars. If you spend some minutes trying to study this type of vehicle, you will be able to discover several differences.

An electric car getting loaded with power.

First, they operate with high levels of silence. This directly means that their engines are different from other vehicles. Just as the name suggests, their engines are powered by electricity.

They offer car owners an alternative way of driving around.

The difference between the two cars lies beneath the hood. Once you open it, you will be able to unravel it and even discover how the engine operates.

If you own a gasoline car, then you must be used to seeing boxes that are connected with pipes. This feature is not available in electric cars. You will encounter only a few components in the engine bay as there is an electric motor that powers the whole vehicle.

The electricity produced by the motor makes the engine to rotate. In doing so, it provides the maximum energy which is used to move the vehicle.

Loading energy of an electric car.

Pure Electric Cars vs. Plug-In Hybrid.

Electric vehicles come in two major models. Some cars solely depend on the electricity while there are hybrid electric cars that run on electricity but can also be powered by gas. The battery of the hybrid electric vehicle is limited to perform for a certain distance and even terrain.

Most hybrid electric vehicles can run on electric power for up to 20 miles then switch to the gasoline engine. This feature makes them ideal for drivers who commute within short distances.

Before getting an electric vehicle, you need to consider the number of miles that you will be travelling in a day.

Electric car charching station.

Engine Performance.

Just like the gasoline cars, the performance of the electric vehicles depends on the state of the engine. A well-maintained engine will deliver impressive performance, and the results will be negative for a poorly-maintained one.

During the course operation, the engine can be clogged up with different types of solid materials. If it is in a hybrid car, the carburetor can clog and block the intake valves. To prevent such problems, two common treatments are used, Seafoam Oil and Marvel Mystery Oil.


Seafoam Oil vs. Marvel Mystery Oil.

Hand pouring transmission fluid through a funnel for the good car maintenance.

Seafoam has been in the auto industry for more than seventy years. Its primary role is to lubricate the moving parts of the vehicle's fuel system.

The fuel system of the vehicle contains several moving parts. These movements enable the fuel to reach its designated parts.

Seafoam is also added to the oil to remove sludge and get rid of the oil varnish .By doing so, the engine remains clean and in a perfect working condition.


Electric car refuels with power.

On the other hand, Marvel Mystery Oil is used in the engine of hybrid cars.

The oil improves the lubricating qualities of the engine, cleans and reduces the friction between moving parts. In some engines, the oil is used as an additive.

Both the Seafoam oil and MMO have similar properties and choosing one can be quite a challenge. You only need to use as recommended to get the best out of your electric car.


Hi there! I’m Jordan, chief editor of and I’m a self-confessed automative fanatic. Cars or vehicles has always been a passion of mine and will always be my favourite pastime. Now that I am married and has one adorable son, I have the time to write and share my personal experiences with other automative enthusiasts like me. 

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