Debztoy 2

by Debs Benedetto
(Western Australias Southwest)

I am unsure how to modify my previous post, so it looks like I will have to start another one.

I am teaching my daughter how to drive “Ls” and Mothers Day Morning last year (2014) we were on our way 4WDriving (she drives there and back and I do all the fun stuff). She took a corner too fast and rolled my Cruiser. We walked away with cuts and bruises and shaken up, but we survived. Turns out rolling it was the best outcome for that intersection, otherwise we’d be dead, or even worse.

So I was paid out and bought my old one back and bought my new 80 “Alf”. (he came with those plates from ACT).
He has been absolutely exceptional and has done a lot more than my last 80 could have hoped to have done. I have modified this one ever more and I love driving him. Amazing and fun to drive.

I love exploring the Southwest of WA.
My 4WD group (Wellington Region 4WD Care Group) is still alive and strong, and we have organised a fair few clean ups in the Southwest, and we’ve also made the paper and facebook pages Australia wide with growing support from like minded people.

I also have Rigs ‘N Ruts 4x4 club, where we organise to head out on weekends and have fun out in the bush and enjoy everything Mother Nature has to offer us. We come across Emus, Kangaroos, Echidnas, Rabbits, Bungarras, Lizards (not the small kind either) and loads of other animals that come and say hello.
I will do what I can and work with whoever I need to, to help keep our Country clean and easily accessible for our future generations, and to give my kids the chance and joy of going and enjoying our bushland and forestry.
People fail to understand exactly how therapeutic it really is out there, going places where there is no one else, sitting back and letting the sun hit your face, listening to the animals going about their daily business, the trees whispering to each other……………….so peaceful and quiet and serene.

We live with magic everyday.

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