4WD Car Top Luggage Carrier.

Car top luggage carrier or 4x4 Roof Racks:

The Car top luggage carrier, yet another essential storage system for a touring vehicle and an expedition 4x4 vehicle, especially for 4 wheel drive wagons as they have very limited space for any bulky items.

4 wheel drive Utes can benefit a lot from roof racks as well.

They are great for storing a high lift jack, shovel and maxtrax, this way the high lift jack, the shovel and the maxtrax are always easy to get to. Trust me, once the shovel and maxtrax have been used in mud the last place you want those is in the back of the wagon or canopy.

Keep them on the roof until you get back and wash them, most mud requires a lot of water or high pressure to remove.

4x4 Roof racks are also a good place to mount flood lights or LED light bars for off-roading at night.

Even a camp light or work light can be mounted on top which is very handy at the camp site.

Spot lights can also be mounted to the roof but are best mounted on the bull bar for effectiveness/range, flood lights are best mounted high for a good short distance spread of light.

Make sure you consider all options before installing 4x4 roof rack lights

Centre of Gravity:

Make sure you only put light weight items on the car top luggage carrier as keeping the center of gravity as low as possible is really important when 4 wheel driving.

Swags, tents, bedding, bags with clothes and other bulky light weight items are the best items to store on the 4x4 roof racks.

Filled jerry cans are one of the heavier items that you will have to mount on the roof rack, as flammable liquids must not be stored in confined spaces for safety reasons.

If travelling with multiple fuel canisters on the roof a lot of extra weight above will drastically change the handling of the 4 wheel drive on and off road. Its centre of gravity will have changed to the point that roll over degree angles will be less. Be aware and take care!

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