BF Goodrich KO A/Ts

by ZonaMan
(Arizona USA)

I have about 20,000 miles on these tires (in 245/75R15) on a dodge ram 2500 van.

I've driven all over the western USA with them and covered literally EVERY type of terrain you can imagine. I've plowed my way through a surprise blizzard in the Sierra Nevada mountains with a trail of little sedans behind me trying to get home and skated around parking lots covered in an inch of solid ice...

I've buried them out in the Mojave desert in sand so loose/deep I didn't even want to get out of the van for fear of sinking down into the abyss or being eaten by a tremor worm...

I've driven them in monsoons and in gale force winds on MANY occasions... flown down the most extreme washboards you can imagine... hard rock/sandstone tails miles away from the next human soul...
I've gotten them stuck in high clay content mud and blazed trails that didn't exist to find places no one had (probably) been for hundreds of years.

And after all of this the tread on these bad boys still looks almost brand new. So what I'm going to do is say right now "do I recommend these tires?"... "Yes! Absolutely.

IF WHAT YOUR LOOKING FOR IS AN ALL TERRAIN." Their GREAT on pavement, sand, fresh snow (not ice), shallow non-clay type mud, dry trails, gravel roads (though they do retain a lot of gravel in the treads and that drives me nuts), and steep rocky trails.

They are NOT mud tires though and will leave you stuck in the mud immediately if your mud has a high clay content to it since there is NO cleaning at all.

In sand be SURE to drop that PSI or they'll dig in but once you flatten them out they'll float right over the top.

On ice they turn your vehicle into a wildman, it will go where ever it wants to and not ask your opinion at all (snow without much ice under it they do GREAT though).

Damp roads are no problem what so ever, fully wet roads with pooling going on though is another story, not terrible, just slow it down a little if your on the interstate.

All in all would i buy these tires again? Yes, if i ever need another pair of A/Ts i'll probably pick up another pair of these guys, their awesome at what their built to do. That being said, the next tires i buy in a month or two will definitely be stepped up to a set of M/Ts :)

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