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4WDinWA News Letter., Issue #004 --What’s new on the 4 Wheeling in Western Australia web site:
September 09, 2017

Welcome To The Spring 2017 News Letter:

A BIG welcome to our new ‘NEWS LETTER’ subscribers and hello again to our regulars.

Yes we know this newsletter is long overdue and we have had a few readers on our back. Sorry it took so long and we will do our best to get the newsletter out on a more regular basis in future.

As we have had quite a few people from overseas asking us about 4WD vehicle hire in Western Australia so they can join us on a Tag-Along Tour,we have for those interested added a few links here.

Just letting you know that we do not have any association or work together with any of the 4WD hire companies but one thing we do know is that the 4WD has to be booked a fair while in advance.

Our Online Shop.

As you may have noticed our online shop has had a new look for a while. We are now using Neto’s E-commerce Software for our shop which gives you, our customer a more accurate shipping price.

Check it out if you haven’t seen it yet. and get 10% discount during the month of September by using the code word “ Newsletter ”

For parcels delivered in Australia you have a choice to get them delivered by Australia Post or Sendle (a slightly cheaper option).

For our overseas customer all parcels will be shipped with Australia Post.

So what has happened lately?

Our Tag-Along Tours are booked out early and we are working on getting more tours up. We love our Tag-Along Tours, so good to actually meet you guys in person. Our next Tag-Along Tour is our Outback and Wildflower tour in September.

We are at the moment working on changing the Jurien Bay Marine Park tour to a 1 day trip instead of an overnight trip, this area is very popular and it’s hard for us to get a camping area where we can fit 10-12 cars and it is not possible to book a camping area ahead, so keep an eye out on our website for this tour.

For more information on our Tag-Along Tours see here.

The Jeep is back on the road.

Yes the Jeep Wrangler is on the road again with a secondhand engine for the time being, we are still working on the 4.1 engine and when it is ready the engine will be replaced.

The first trip in the Jeep, the day after it was back on the road, took us from Perth to Walcott Inlet in the Kimberly’s, a distance of 6200km return.

You may also have noticed the new spotlight on the Wrangler; they are the “Hyperdrive MK2” from Livid Lighting.

For more information Click Here


Hey Ronny Dahl here!

The channel is snowballing along quite well with over 250+ videos much thanks to my Patrons on Patreon making this possible.

In fact it's now my full time job. And yes I still call it a job but it's quite possibly the most favorite job I could think of, although it keeps us busy 365 days a year.

The latest release was The Pilbara adventure which was the biggest series done yet (6 parts).

The next series currently in editing stage is the Goldfields followed by the Kimberley which might be the biggest series yet... time will tell.

A few new video concepts are coming which I'm currently working on and I am very excited about. Can't wait to share those and get feedback on them. So what are they? Well I don't want to give too much away ��

To subscribe or watch our videos see here:

Cheers Ronny

Want to share your travel stories & photos?

We would love to know what you get up to out there and everyone has a story worth telling so why not share your trips and adventures here.

Catch you out there and take care out on the tracks and trail wherever you are on this planet.

Regards Ronny & Brian.

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