Harvey Hill Climbs.

Distance from Perth: 165km

Nearest fuel: Harvey 20km.

Size: 15km (main part of track including part of power line track. WP1-WP12)

Harris River State Forest.

Harris River State Forest.

Time to allow:

Can be done as a day trip, however it's best to tie it in with a trip to Dwellingup, Brunswick or Collie as an overnighter, there are many camping spots within these areas as they are all state forest/national parks.

79 Series Land Cruiser.

Harvey Hill Climbs:

This is located in the Harris River State Forest.

If you’re up for a good challenge up and down very steep rutted out hills, then Harvey fire break track will keep you entertained.

Some of these hills get very steep and at the bottom of some of these hills are rutted mud pits, when dry these are as solid as rock (hardened clay base) whilst in winter they can be very challenging slippery yet sticky, rutted mud pits.

A few spots on this track in the dry and wet will test even the experienced driver.

Jeep Wrangler on a steep hill at Harvey.

Some sections cork screw down very steep hills combined with ruts from 3-4 feet deep with the odd large rock lying about.

We have done this track in the wet and the dry, in the wet it’s extreme but awesome fun, in the dry it will still raise your heart rate and get the adrenaline pumping.

The track itself takes about 4-5 hours to complete including one 30 minute stop, however it’s hard not to stop frequently and watch your mates take on the tough sections so maybe plan for an hour longer.

Recoveries are common on the worst hill “PIPE HILL”, it has a water overflow pipe across the cross the track which is half exposed. This is also where most of the water will pass over and under the track, making it the hardest hill to climb.

The firebreak track ends where it meets a power line track which can be used to join up with a trip to Dwellingup, Brunswick or Collie.

Jeep Wrangler on the power line track at Harvey.

The Jeep Wrangler doing hill climbs on the power line track.

Track conditions and difficulty:

Medium to EXTREME depending on the weather.

Heavily rutted hills, very steep at times, medium to hard difficulty in the dry and can be very hard in sections if wet, if it's rained and the track is soaked mud terrain tyres is recommended (required in some areas).

In the wet it can be very dangerous, if you’re not a confident 4 wheel driver then maybe Harvey Hill Climbs is not for you just yet.

Jeep Wrangler splashing water.

At least one vehicle fitted with a winch is a MUST to have on this particular track. Even better with multiple winches, snatch straps are not a good idea on this track in the wet.

Since our recent visit the track has gotten even harder, the ruts are deeper and there are more of them.

Hilux cross rutted on one of the many Harvey hills.

Hilux cross rutted on one of the many Harvey hills.

What to bring:

Air compressor, shovel, sunscreen, bush hat, plenty of water, rated recovery gear & tools.

Things to do:

Conquer and survive the track

Test your 4wd to its limits

Enjoy an action packed day 4wding

Hill Climbs

Best time to go:

All year round however winter is more fun, but only for experienced drivers.

A Jeep Wrangler enjoying the rutted hills at Harvey. Western Australia.

A Jeep Wrangler enjoying the rutted hills at Harvey. Western Australia.

GPS Waypoints for Harvey Hill Climbs:

For information about How to enter the GPS Way-points into Google Earth see this video.

For information about How to enter the GPS Way-points into Google Earth

see this video.

Meeting spot in Harvey (just across the road from a fuel station):

Latitude: 33° 5'0.10"S

Longitude: 115°54'20.35"E

Logue road entrance:

Latitude: 33° 5'50.18"S

Longitude: 115°53'51.36"E

WP1 Access Track towards Fire break (turns left and head east):

Latitude: 33° 7'42.71"S

Longitude: 115°56'3.38"E

WP2 Turn right heading northeast:

Latitude: 33° 7'32.44"S

Longitude: 115°56'54.33"E

WP3 straight on heading northeast:

Latitude: 33° 7'25.68"S

Longitude: 115°56'58.74"E

WP4 bear left heading northwest:

Latitude: 33° 7'5.72"S

Longitude: 115°57'0.40"E

WP5 Start of Firebreak Track, turn right heading east:

Latitude:              33° 6'30.24"S

Longitude:          115°56'45.35"E

WP6 Air down at this point:

Latitude: 33° 6'29.24"S

Longitude: 115°56'52.58"E

WP7 stick with main firebreak heading south:

Latitude: 33° 6'28.97"S

Longitude: 115°58'2.74"E

WP8 stick with main firebreak by turning left heading south:

Latitude: 33° 7'15.61"S

Longitude: 115°58'26.60"E

WP9 turn right heading south:

Latitude:              33° 7'17.05"S

Longitude:          115°58'44.79"E

WP10 from this way point keep heading east until you meet the power line track:

Latitude:              33° 7'43.98"S

Longitude:          115°58'52.03"E

WP11 End of Harvey hills track (head South to Myles Ave for a quick exit or go explore as there are some many tracks here:

Latitude:              33° 7'44.27"S

Longitude:          116° 0'22.81"E

WP12 Myles Ave head west for exit (turn right):

Latitude: 33° 9'42.41"S

Longitude: 116° 0'19.86"E

WP13 air up and exit via Mornington road. Turn right and follow Mornington road until it meets South Western Hwy:

Latitude: 33° 9'47.71"S

Longitude: 115°58'15.40"E

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