A Chance to Feature your 4WD videos
on the YouTube channel:

Some cool news for all you subscribers and viewers; you can now send in your 4wd videos to be featured on the YouTube channel Ronny Dahl.


These videos will be combined into one video and your video clip/clips will be time stamped with username and YouTube channel link should you have one.

This is great for those who have a YouTube channel and for those who just want their 4x4 video clip featured and shown to the world.

79 series LandCruiser in mud.

So what kind of footage can you send in?

Anything with action which can be the following BUT YOU MUST OWN THE FOOTAGE;

General off-road action, Hill climbs, Water crossings, Rock crawling, Technical driving, 4x4 drone video, Comp trucks, Wins and Fails or just anything pleasing to the eye that’s 4x4/Overland related.

Videos I won’t use;

Footage showing destruction to the environment (controlled circuits/events is different & ok), people riding the Ute tray, anti-social stuff and anything plain stupid and dangerous.

What I need.

Video clips need to be min 10 secs to max 60 sec and RAW footage please and no music.

In other words unedited footage. Prefer 720-1080 quality so perfect for most cameras especially Gopros.



Dropbox free download here https://www.dropbox.com/downloading

Leave 4WD Videos And Go 4 Wheeling In Western Australia.

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