Complete 4WD Training !

Whether you're an experienced 4WDer, just got your first 4WD or looking to make a big trip, then the 4Wheeling in WA 4WD Training is for you.

We cover everything you need to plan and enjoy a trip knowing you have the skills to tackle any situation and be best prepared.

This 4WD training is specifically developed over many years of 4WDing and running tours/trips.

We now offer the option of a full 1 Day or a 2Day/2Night of comprehensive training and tips covering all of the following in a campsite and off-road location.

For any queries please contact us at

Reviews and Comments:-

"First off I’d like to say thank you for a wonderful weekend. We had an absolute ball. You guys did a great job. It was well planned and executed.

You did a great job and we’ll definitely be telling everyone how great it was" - Jules and Andy

"Just wanted to say a massive “THANK YOU!!”  The boys had an absolute ball and I have got so much more confidence in driving my 200. 

The course was comprehensive and I got everything I wanted out of it.  Thanks also for taking the time with the boys." - John P

4WD Training / Tip Topics covered:-

  • 4WD types and safety systems (ABS, Traction control, Stability control, lockers etc)
  • Tyre's - Rating, typical pressures for different situations, how to deflate/inflate and repair - you will actually need to perform a repair !
  • Trip Planning - Covering planned stops, back up plans, fuel/water requirements, power needs and systems, food and meal planning etc.
  • Vehicle Setup and Packing - What we suggest you need as a minimum, how to maximize packing space, tips and tricks learnt over many trips.
  • Communications - What you should have, different types of comms, emergency and back up communications and the etiquette in using them.
  • Maps (electronic and paper) - What you should carry, how to use them correctly etc.
  • Convoys - Convey etiquette, tips and tricks
  • Environmental Impact and Minimization - Respect for the land, cultures and people
  • Sand Driving Techniques - Tyre pressures, tips and tricks
  • Self Recovery Techniques - Hands on use of recovery boards, winching etc
  • Assisted Recovery Techniques - Safe snatching and winching etc
  • Survival Tips - Direction finding using stars and sun, water collection techniques, survival kits and what to take, general survival tips for remote locations
  • Remote First Aid Tips - Covering dehydration, snake/spider bites etc
  • Bush/Mud Driving Techniques - Tyre pressures, tips and tricks
  • And many more tips from the guys whom have found out over years of experience !

These training weekends are going to be limited, please see the dates and book online below !!!


Location :- Private Land at Whitegum Farm (1hr 45m from Perth CBD)


We cover the majority of the above topics but spend less time on the theory. It is a long day but you will obtain a load of information and confidence from this course.  

Time :- Be there just before 8am on the date so we can commence on time. 

What to bring :- 4WD with rated recovery points if you want to participate in the assisted recovery training, clothing to suit the weather, food, drinks, fuel, sense of humour and willingness to learn :)

What we provide :- All the training equipment for the above topics.


Time :- Meet at 7pm on the Friday or at 8am on the Saturday (your choice)

What to bring :- 4WD with rated recovery points if you want to participate in the assisted recovery training, camping gear and clothing to suit the weather, food, drinks, full tank of fuel, sense of humour and willingness to learn :)

What we provide :- Training equipment for all the above topics, private land to camp on and fire wood.

Trainers - Stew, Wayne and others in the 4Wheeling in WA crew

Great gift idea for someone you love - birthdays, Xmas etc .... we now also do Gift Certificates  - click below !!

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